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  1. Things are going well, I've taken several names off the list and have mailed out almost a dozen packages so far, with several other people arranging to pick things up.  I haven't managed to distribute a fraction of the CD's yet, but I'd say it's almost two spindles gone so far.

    This after the easy dump of about a half-dozen spindles to local musicians last year when I first picked these up.

    I tell ya, Bradm went to a whole lot of local shows.  It's gotta be a record.

  2. Hey everyone,

    I've undertaken the dubious task of returning Bradm's recorded shows to the bands.  I've contacted 70+ bands in the last three days but have hit many dead ends.  Do any of you know how I can get in touch with any members of the following bands?:

    A Plot Against Me

    Azuris Aurum

    Billy Mayzrk (sp?)

    Bomb Squad




    Free Rein

    Grassroots Deviation

    Keryn Ellis

    Mandrake Root (is this the same guys as Chickenhead?)

    Mike Sasso


    New Shady Groove

    Project Gold

    Ron Nick Brad

    Sarah Metzner



    Special Ed

    Spin Cycle

    Stefani Jaxsn

    The Nixon Tapes

    The Uptown Strugglers

    Tier Three

    Tom Foolery

    Twelve 34



  3. I have over a dozen Slowcoaster discs here.  Every single show has been uploaded to archive.org but I wonder if the band would still want these cd's?


    I've been leaning towards not bothering to contact a band if there is only one or two shows and they have been uploaded.  But almost 15 discs?  




  4. Hey Jay,

    I don't know how to pm here so I'll just write to you in this thread hoping you'll see this.  I came into possession of Bradm’s prodigious stack of live recordings, a pile that includes 800+ master discs and I'm trying to return them to the artists.  Among this pile is a couple of Diesel Dog shows.  Would you like them?  Otherwise, with your permission I’ll pass them on to a local music fan.  (I also have a couple of shows by High Plains Drifter)

    If you want them, email me at tsnelgrove at rogers dot calm and we'll figure it out.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world,


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