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  1. 8 hours ago, Esau. said:


    Dylan fans would be the only others I imagine.

    Bob's 1978 film 'Renaldo & Clara' was also four hours (232 minutes). I love the film but it's a tough watch for most folks. I've met three people in my life who saw the four hour version of film in a theater, in Vacouver. (only Candian showing). I may know a half dozen that claim to have watched it more than twice. It never got good reviews back then, and Dylan eventually cut it back to two hours, but it was never officially released.

    Never even heard of it.

  2. It was probably about twenty hours long before the first edit.

    Basically no other crowd in the world would entertain the idea of a four-hour movie like the Deadheads.  Good news for the director.  I bet most film makers would love to put out movies this long but the studios (via the audiences) insist on cutting more and more.

    Remember that scene in the directors cut of Apocalypse Now where they encounter the Playboy bunnies?  I've often thought how much it must have sucked to have acted in such a major film and had your entire scene cut out.  And of course the director shot it because he thought it was important, and yet...cutting room floor.

  3. GnR dates:

    July 27 – St. Louis, MO, The Dome At America’s Center
    July 30 – Minneapolis, MN, U.S. Bank Stadium
    August 2 – Denver, CO, Sports Authority Field at Mile High
    August 8 – Miami, FL, Miami Marlins Stadium
    August 11 – Winston-Salem, NC, BB&T Field at Wake Forest University
    August 13 – Hershey, PA, Hersheypark Stadium
    August 16 – Buffalo, NY, New Era Field
    August 19 – Montreal, QC, Parc Jean Drapeau
    August 21 – Ottawa, ON, TD Place Stadium
    August 24 – Winnipeg, MB, Investors Group Field
    August 27 – Regina, SK, New Mosaic Stadium at Evraz Place
    August 30 – Edmonton, AB, Commonwealth Stadium
    September 1 – Vancouver, BC, BC Place Stadium
    September 3 – George, WA, The Gorge
    September 6 – El Paso, TX, Sun Bowl Stadium
    September 8 – San Antonio, TX, Alamodome


  4. 39 minutes ago, c-towns said:


    I found this amusing for some reason, check out who #10 is.

    Also, many people believed #24 was Courtney Love. Apparently not...



    That's pretty interesting.

    So is this.  It's from Jerry Granelli's website: 

    Granelli moved on to the Denny Zeitlin Trio, a group that
    included bassist Charlie Haden...(and) shared bills at The Matrix and
    The Fillmore with Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Grateful Dead. They
    also accompanied the Dead on their first European tour in 1971.

  5. 8 hours ago, Hartamophone said:

    This is what I said on Facebook last night. It's all I got:

    Let us not forget this: each of us can still choose to embody love, hope, tolerance, and compassion. And nobody has ever needed the president's permission to reach out to someone in need. All those things we tried to do to make the world a little better yesterday we can still do tomorrow, albeit through clouds of disappointment and uncertainty.

    Much love, my friends. Let's keep on keepin' on.


    That was the single greatest thing I read on the webs yesterday.  It really, really helped.

  6. 9 hours ago, Pablo Sanchez said:

    I spent four hours looking at properties in Costa Rica and re-evaluating my life. Not some knee jerk reaction to the election but more taking stock of everything as it is and wondering if an escape to the jungle is the best course of action. lol

    Dibs on couch space.

  7. On 2016-03-09 at 6:45 PM, Hartamophone said:



    An excerpt:

    "No payment" is a familiar refrain for many of the bands that played this year, who say they are still chasing Gauthier for money.

    Toronto's The Rheostatics is one of those bands. "[The show] was fun and we were happy and played a long time and then drove home. And waited to get paid. Which we have not," the band said in a statement provided to CBC News. 

    "We all feel let down by this. Promoters should pay musicians — whether it's $5 or $500,000. But Harvest Picnic has not. I suggest Harvest Picnic ticket buyers should know their money was not used to pay musicians — where their money has gone is anybody's guess — and think twice before buying tickets to their future events."

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