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  1. 11 hours ago, Booche said:

    I love the name. I love the feel. I love the story.


    Velvet, I thought I had seen you do your best at something but I was wrong and I hope I am again, 



    Thanks very much sir, very kind of you to say.  BTW this is of course completely and utterly separate from Instruments For Africa.

  2. 1 minute ago, Hartamophone said:

    ...I had been looking forward to the lineup dropping, but God bless 'em. Hopefully the turnout is killer and there will be more of my thing (or our thing, judging by the other comments) next year.

    Agreed.  I think I'll check out Dropkick Murphys from the hill outside the venue.  That'll be appropriately punk-rock of me.

  3. For the first time in recent memory I won't be getting a pass for one of (what I consider to be) the big three local festivals.  Just for fun I checked prices for a pass today, it said they started at $89 but the one I had in my cart was $100 + $15 + $3.50.  If the full festival passport was $30 I would still probably not buy one.  There are perhaps three acts that I have a marginal interest in and zero acts that I am actually interested to see.

    Hopefully there is a big demographic that is excited about the lineup.  

  4. I really struggled with subtitles, especially because I'm quite familiar with the regional accent.  The problem is when words get said that people won't understand, like "kwacha" (the local currency.  And then there is Albert, who's accent definitely requires subtitles.


    As for them being hard to read, that was another problem I was aware of.  It's hard to see, but I did put a small dark border around the letters themselves making them a bit easier to read.  I figured these two issues kind of resolve themselves in that the subtitles are kind of not necessary and at the same time they're not that readable!  


    I agree, the 'commercial breaks' are too long, I'll shorten them to a second or two instead of five.


    Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Yeah, I realize that an hour is a pretty significant chunk of time to allocate to watch something online.  I certainly appreciate any and all who give it a shot!  I'm very much looking forward to comments/suggestions.  Though I've seen it a billion times I've recently discovered two changes I want to make so there will be more editing going on, so I'm hoping to get some feedback before I delve back into a re-edit.

  6. It's a travelogue doc-style program called Earth Beat.  The idea is that in each episode I travel to a different city or country and look at the music indigenous to that particular area.   I shot the pilot episode in Zambia and spent the last long time figuring out software and editing it together.  The next trick is to sell it to a network, and the first step in that direction is to see if anyone likes it.  

    So if you have forty-nine or so minutes to kill I urge you to give it a spin.  I am very open to comments and criticisms.  If you have any thoughts that can make this thing better please, by all means let me know.  


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