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  1. Yeah, I realize that an hour is a pretty significant chunk of time to allocate to watch something online.  I certainly appreciate any and all who give it a shot!  I'm very much looking forward to comments/suggestions.  Though I've seen it a billion times I've recently discovered two changes I want to make so there will be more editing going on, so I'm hoping to get some feedback before I delve back into a re-edit.

  2. It's a travelogue doc-style program called Earth Beat.  The idea is that in each episode I travel to a different city or country and look at the music indigenous to that particular area.   I shot the pilot episode in Zambia and spent the last long time figuring out software and editing it together.  The next trick is to sell it to a network, and the first step in that direction is to see if anyone likes it.  

    So if you have forty-nine or so minutes to kill I urge you to give it a spin.  I am very open to comments and criticisms.  If you have any thoughts that can make this thing better please, by all means let me know.  


  3. 1) Loud

    2) Louder than everyone else

    3) Too loud

    4) Offensively loud

    5) Obnoxiously loud

    6) Painfully loud


    I formulated this list last night at the Phil & Friends show at the Cap and wanted to commit it to pixels while it was still fresh.  I think #2 and #3 can switch places depending on the situation.  Offensively loud is when everyone but you knows you're too loud (though you may have your suspicions), obnoxiously loud is when you know it as well and you don't care, except for the occasional walk to your amp where you pretend to turn down.  I've only experienced painfully loud a handful of times.  Most notably at an Edgar Winter show in Ottawa.

    Warren hit level 4 last night.

  4. 11 hours ago, c-towns said:

    I was debating if he needed the off day between shows (no shows 2 days in a row, even in Toronto) because of the illness or are they leaving the dates open for when the tickets sell out in minutes and they add on second shows everywhere.

    I doubt second shows will be added; I think they know these will be instant sellouts.

    My guess is the unpredictability of Downie's stamina/condition is the reason behind the days off, and is probably part of the reason the tour is short.

    I wonder if they tried booking something like Magnetic Hill in Moncton but were brushed off?  I can see their booking guys saying stuff like: "Really, we can promise people will be really excited about the show but we can't tell you why."

  5. He's a Canadian icon and a musical hero.  He's classy, unique, smart; a credit to his city, his country and his profession.

    That he'll use some of his remaining precious time preparing and performing a tour takes all of these accolades and lays them in front of us all.  I feel privileged as a Canadian and as a music fan that they will do another tour.  All summer plans are on hiatus until the tour is announced.

    I will clap and clap and clap.  My applause will only stop when I wipe my eyes, and afterwards I will clap and clap and clap some more. 

    I feel deflated.

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