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  1. Saw him in a small dance bar in Moncton before he was signed; place didn't even have a stage.  There was maybe fifty, sixty people there.

    I had never heard of him and was completely utterly blown away by the show.  Unfortunately, when he came out to shill his 7" single (See The Light) I was down to my last $3.  Beer or record...beer or record.  

    You know which way I went.  

    Damn...wish I still had that beer.

  2. 15 hours ago, Booche said:

    There are tons of great acts lined up for this one. I am kinda shocked, to be honest. 

    ...Dawes seems hidden and they are a great band everyone on this board, who I know, would be pleasantly surprised with seeing because ya'll would love'em.


    Every time I hear of Dawes I mistake them for Foals, probably because I saw them back-to-back at a festival once.  

    Foals was so bad at that festival I wanted to beat them up and I wanted to beat up the people that signed them, and the people that produced their records, and I even wanted to beat up their guitar tech.  Having them play at the festival was a horrible, horrible waste of time, not to mention electricity.  I never thought that innocent musical notes could be put together so atrociously.

  3. 1 hour ago, phorbesie said:

    The MSG rumours are going around again.... July 17-20. Guess we'll find out fairly soon if it's true or not.

    i've already committed to seeing Kim Mitchell that week though :D. Velvet is super excited about it!

    Ahem...that's Kim Mitchell and David Wilcox...on the same bill!  I'm confident that people will be flying in from around the continent for this, if not the world.

    It's not like Phish hasn't played at MSG before.

  4. Chicago will be playing at Jazzfest, which is more interesting to me than the entirety of the Bluesfest lineup.  Though I hope to see Yonatan Gat again.  He's great.  And Isbell of course.

    And yeah, Rodrigo y Gabriela is pretty impressive, but I've just never been into flamenco.

    Gosh, I hope Peter Cetera isn't with Chicago.


  5. This is Doug (from The John Henry's) and his psychedelic rock project that he has been rehearsing for literally years, and their first gig will be at Ottawa's awesomest bar, Irene's on Saturday, March 30th.   Tix are available online.

    This has a high likelihood of being amazing, but no guarantees.  You've been warned, both ways.  Seriously though, 85% chance of it being amazing.


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