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  1. 1 hour ago, phorbesie said:

    The MSG rumours are going around again.... July 17-20. Guess we'll find out fairly soon if it's true or not.

    i've already committed to seeing Kim Mitchell that week though :D. Velvet is super excited about it!

    Ahem...that's Kim Mitchell and David Wilcox...on the same bill!  I'm confident that people will be flying in from around the continent for this, if not the world.

    It's not like Phish hasn't played at MSG before.

  2. Chicago will be playing at Jazzfest, which is more interesting to me than the entirety of the Bluesfest lineup.  Though I hope to see Yonatan Gat again.  He's great.  And Isbell of course.

    And yeah, Rodrigo y Gabriela is pretty impressive, but I've just never been into flamenco.

    Gosh, I hope Peter Cetera isn't with Chicago.


  3. This is Doug (from The John Henry's) and his psychedelic rock project that he has been rehearsing for literally years, and their first gig will be at Ottawa's awesomest bar, Irene's on Saturday, March 30th.   Tix are available online.

    This has a high likelihood of being amazing, but no guarantees.  You've been warned, both ways.  Seriously though, 85% chance of it being amazing.


  4. 22 minutes ago, Northern Wish said:

    Got Dicks Fields through PTBM.

    Originally due to charges on my card I thought I also had Mohegan Sun but I forgot about the crazy exchange rate.

    Shut out for both Mohegan this morning, even with 4 people running codes. One person had 4 nice seats for night 1 but the sale didn't go through before resetting the Queue #.

    Got 203 Row E for Toronto.

    I think I picked a bad day for my physical, I'm hopped up on caffeine and TM nerves!

    I got through for first night of Mohegan Sun immediately, like in the first second.  Ended up with the last row of the upper level.

  5. "Reign" was intentional.

    I missed the point of your posts.  I thought you were alluding to the fact that everyone was going to be freaking out because Phish was playing somewhere with legal weed.  Now I reaiize that you were talking specifically about you freaking out because you'll be seeing Phish somewhere with legal weed.

    My band.

    (Oops...I meant "My bad".)

  6. By the way, I'm making a joke to make a point.  I don't scalp tickets, and a simple view of my Ticketmaster account would easily verify that I have been a "fan" for decades.  Though obviously that doesn't play into it.

    It's frustrating to know that if you got selected then you are literally good to go for any/every show of the tour.  Which is to say, if you didn't get selected then you are shut out from any/every show on the tour.

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