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  1. Interesting...My mom was an Elvis freak (was that why I made the pilgrimage to Graceland this summer?) while my dad listened wxclusively to truck-drivin' music (Betcha didn't even know that was a genre - Teddy Bear, Phantom 409, Hello I'm a Truck etc.etc.etc), so as a kid I got my I-IV-V's well ingrained.

    The first album (yes, album) I remember buying was Billy Joel's Glass Houses, which I still think is a pretty good record, but THE album that changed my world: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. It's still one of my favorite musical collections. All the lyrics are by Shel Silverstein. Every song is about sex and/or drugs and I knew the album by heart when I was nine (though I had no clue what 'Pennicillin Penny' or 'Acapulco Goldie' were referring to). They even played that year at the Moncton Coliseum but my mom wouldn't let me go. Wonder why not?

  2. Okay, kinda bored, thought I'd throw out a topic at y'all.

    Here's the scenario: aliens without ears are about to blow up the earth, but you have miraculously been spared. Not only that, they're gonna take you back to their planet! Turns out though that they have no music, so they'll let you bring a discman and five, count 'em, five cd's.

    What're you gonna bring?

    here's my list:

    -Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier by G Gould (Bach was an alien anyway)

    -Picture of Nectar

    -Charles Mingus Anthology

    -Nevermind by Nirvana

    -Ween's live one, Painting the Town Brown.

  3. Satan lives in my computer and posts things before I finish. Anyhoo, what I was getting at was this: When are you guys gonna have t-shirts? I wanna shamelessly advertise nero on my chest (but I'm unwilling, at this point, to get a tattoo).

  4. Y'know, even as a little kid I knew that six million dollars was a great deal for all those bionics Steve Austin had. What with inflation being what it is, the only Prosthetic Appendage Advantage© parts I can afford are the belt sander or the Paul Reubens Squish'm Grip.

    I'm getting depressed and light-headed.

  5. Y'know, even as a little kid I was aware that six million dollars was a steal for all those bionics that Steve Austin had. The only Prosthetic Appendage Advantage© I can afford now are the belt sander or the Paul Reubens Squish'm Grip.

  6. Yeah, I uh, I mean um, I spilled Hawaiian Punch on my keyboard and every time I type in Stewart Copeland Andy Summers comes up.

    Okay, I'm way lame, the Police are my fave rock band and I even own Andy Summers solo albums and I've seen Mr. Sting about seven times (though not on purpose). As a penance for my error, I've cut off my arm.

    Anyone got a band-Aid?

  7. I just picked up a guitar magazine with Trey in it. Now, I might be reading a bit between the lines here, but...

    Q: How has your playing changed as a result of the Oysterhead experience?

    A: I want to leave enough space so you can catch their incredible drumming and bass playing.

    Hmmm...is Trey saying he has a problem with Mike and Fishman's playing? I've read a Trey interview before where he said that the band had to learn to play tempo fluxuations because Fishman can't keep the tempo steady. Plus it's weird that Trey got together with Andy Summers, who never heard of either Trey or Les before, and who had never played a song more than four minutes long. (Don't get me wrong, I think Andy rocks)

    In this interview, Trey also says, "If I start playing with Phish again, I want to come back with a whole bunch of new ideas, thus making Phish much better."

    Cool Trey, when? I think it's time we all stopped holding our breath.

  8. Wow, Roy Wooten only made $300,000 in four years?!? And only $200,000 was (supposed to be) take-home. I'm ready to give up! Me 'n Pablo met this great old blues guitar player in Mississippi who knows the Wootens well, and he says Futureman is the finest guitar player he's heard. Not to mention the greatest drumitar player alive or dead. $50,000 a year (even in US$) ain't enough money for an entertainer of that stauture. I mean, what does the lamest pro athlete bench warmer make in a year?

    Whatever, they should shake his hand, send him home and give him a raise.

    And, Mr. G. Monkey, if you've ever heard any drums or percussion at all on any Bela Fleck tune, that's the drumitar. They don't have a standard drummer.

    If nothing else, hopefully this will get the Flecktones out and touring a lot. An Ottawa show would be nice.

  9. So, um, for the east coast tour, umm, I'm driving, right? So, me in the front, neroboy running shotgun, amps, drums, pedals, guitars, hoes and livestock in the back...

    Guess that leaves the band strapped to the roof again. This time keep it quiet up there or there'll be no more hot wax option at the car wash.

  10. Lessee now...

    Best jam show this year: Phil Lesh last weekend. Total bonus for being the only high school gym in North America with good sound.

    Best nonjam(?) show of the year: Herbie Hancock at Massey Hall. Brian Blade on drums is a joy to behold. He was with Joni Mitchell when she toured with Dylan and Daniel Lanois produced his debut cd. Check him out. Roy Hargrove on trumpet was no slouch either. Honourable mention goes to Ween in Vegas, of course.

    Worst jam show this year: JGB @ Babylon. Change the band name, Melvin.

    Worst nonjam show this year: John Mellencamp. What the hell was I thinking?

    Best shows ever:

    Jazz: Bobby McFerrin, Montreal '93

    Rock: AC/DC, Montreal '92(?). If you haven't seen them, you don't know...

    Country: Lyle Lovett, Ottawa, '96

    Jam: (tie) Phish at Finger Lakes (Tweezer show)/The Dead at Buckeye Lake '93

    Blues: SRV, Moncton '89

    Indescribable Genre: (tie) Bob Wiseman @ Zaphod's '96/Tom Waits, Toronto '99

    WORST SHOW EVER (all genres): Edgar Winter, Ottawa '96. Take heed.

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