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  1. Actually, a Bob Wiseman show at Zaphod's is among my top three concerts ever, and the time I saw Look People there stands as the weirdest night of live music I've ever seen or heard of.  Nostril shrimp diving, two ice cream cones up the drummers butt, and oh, so much more.

  2. Crazy how much of Canadian Tire Centre is blocked off.  I was happily surprised during presale to see that less than half the venue was available but today during regular onsale I noticed the 300 sections are now off the map.  That leaves what, maybe 4,000 seats in a 20,000 seater?

    Regardless I picked up 5th row floors on the presale.  The only downside will be missing The Donny McCaslin Group at jazzfest that night, but I'll deal somehow!

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