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  1. no but I do know THIS Dreamweaver
  2. Thanks for the good times! I love this soap opera.
  3. Congradulations! you are by far the biggest prick show on this board.
  4. no, but that is a really bad band name. The band was formed when Guy (keys)took a piss off his balcony all over unsuspecting Robert (drums). The two hit it off immediately and "skyjuice" was born.
  5. I just took a massive dump that is the spitting image of Buddha. I'll let this one go for $10,000.00
  6. From SPIN Magazine: Navarro loses grotto pass Before he started picking out china patterns with Carmen Electra, Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers sideman Dave Navarro was the quintessential superfreak. In his autobiography, Don't Try This at Home: A Year in the Life of Dave Navarro, the guitarist and three female companions visit the Playboy Mansion's "orgy room." As the women have sex, Navarro shoots up heroin, then tries to write on the wall with blood squirted from his syringe. "I cleaned it off," Navarro wrote, saying he "felt weird" about defiling Hef's crib. Nonetheless, he was quickly bounced (and banned) from the mansion.
  7. For 5-7k US you could probably book Umphrey's McGee and the Slip. I guess some would prefer Caution Jam +
  8. I'd like to hear Rush do something different. Like maybe they could start performing 4:33 by John Cage, or start new careers as Canadian Idol judges. Geddy- "no no Charysse you need a little more fingernails on the chalkboard in your voice"
  9. He was probably just playing for the suits last night. Have a cigar Kyle!
  10. Remember this is coming from someone who thought "Joyslam" was a good band provided you had beer and wings. ::
  11. It seems like the trendy language bus has brought along another overused expression to the last stop at hippy heaven. what's with that? meh. MEH... MeH meH..
  12. I'm planning on going this year. It looks ok, but when they were talking SCI or moe. as a headliner I find Spearhead is quite the let down.
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