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  1. Its a long shot, but I am wondering if anyone has 1 or 2 extras for the FJM show at the Danforth Music Hall?

    phish vegas

    had 3 people trying, 1 got in... 10/31 section 217. at least we're in!!!
  3. We'll be at SPAC all 3 nights, have pavs for Thurs and lawns for Fri/Sat, if anyone has any pavs for sale, I'd love to upgrade.
  4. I kind of love it. It hasn't left my head since I heard the Halloween show and saw it during the MSG run.
  5. in so tell me... anyone been? whats the scoop on the GA seating? tip/tricks/comments/suggestions
  6. Shut out for Glens Falls, but scored 2 for Roch. I'm happy. It was one or the other for this guy. Ticket vibes to everyone trying.
  7. Anyone got a link on 7/31? I am dying to hear that 36min Tweezer
  8. Thought I'd try local first... Looking for 2 for Saturday for sure.
  9. agreed! i've had this on non-stop all day... the only copies i ever had of this show (on tape) were bad. i never fully heard page until now. one of the best shows, hands down, ever.
  10. You are correct! i was there with 4 others right in front of Page! I miss old school mail order too!
  11. RUSTLE

    Vintage CCM

    Hey Dr. J, couple of questions - where are you located? Would love to help on this - I'm a designer. www.russellgibbsdesign.com, drop me a line or DM me here and we can discuss over email if you're interested.
  12. Anyone still waiting for their tickets? We got in on the lottery for Burgettstown and still no tickets? Getting awfully close to 2 weeks.
  13. Sorry for the delay... if you still want one DM me!
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