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  1. Who's got my heady Darien presale password?
  2. Sorry I missed that yesterday Schwa. Tonight in Hammer the times are sharp: 8:30 Vikkies 9:30 Dan Edmonds 10:30 Espanola
  3. The very same, and let me be the first to tell you that he is CRUSHING it. Last couple nights have been a blast, really looking forward to Ottawa tonight.
  4. Long time y'all. Espanola is my side project, it was always more country than Huron, but these days it is every bit as loud and rocking as that band was. I've been slowly working on a solo record for way too long, and rather than keep songs in the can for the eventual full length I kinda just decided to put out a few songs at a time. Here are the first two: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/espanola-ever_kind_and_true_everyone_you_know Here are my dates: Thu Nov 30 - St. Catharines - WarehouseFri Dec 1 - Toronto - Monarch TavernSat Dec 2 - Ottawa - Dominion Tavern Sun Dec 3 - Hamilton - This Ain’t Hollywood I'm bringing a sweet backing band which is comprised of: Sam Cash - guitar; Anna Ruddick - bass; Dan Edmonds - keys; Cam Giroux - drums. Would be lovely to see some old familiar faces! Hope everybody is well.
  5. Does anybody know what happened to our poor friend?
  6. I too was shocked to read this on Facebook just a few minutes ago. How profoundly sad, what a true one-of-a-kind guy. I’m playing in Ottawa in a few weeks and had a feeling I’d see him. When you Ottawans figure out a tribute or a gathering of sorts, please let the rest of us know.
  7. Friends, you may remember my old rock band Huron; you may also remember that we engaged in highly psychedelic behaviour with our friend and producer Ian Blurton under the moniker Happy Endings. Now both groups will reunite for three shows: Fri Dec 26 Rivoli Toronto, ON Sat Dec 27 House of Targ Ottawa, ON Sun Dec 28 This Ain't Hollywood Hamilton, ON Hope to see some old friends out for these special shows, they will be a lot of fun! AG
  8. Hi folks, been a while since I've been on here. Wanted to let you know that I'm the musical director on an anniversary concert for the Sundown record being held tonight at the WestJet stage at Harbourfront. Free admission. The backing band is Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson's group with which I've played for some years) and after a warm up of some other Lightfoot tunes we'll play the Sundown record in its entirety with guest vocalists including Wayne Petti (Cuff the Duke), Terra Lightfoot, Daniel Romano, and Ron Sexsmith. Gord will be in attendance to receive an award of recognition. Anyhow if you're looking for some free music tonight in Toronto, thought I'd let you know. Hope all are well here. AG
  9. There has been some mistake, as both Oteil and Butch Trucks have spoken out today saying that Oteil is still in the band. http://www.jambands.com/news/2014/01/01/butch-trucks-oteil-was-offered-a-gig-with-another-band-but-turned-it-down#.UsWP1mRDvC4
  10. Hi all, I've been doing a bunch of dates with Tom Wilson's band Lee Harvey Osmond, a group I've been playing with off and on since its inception. I figured I'd mention it here because we've veered heavily into psychedelic territory and I think a lot of you Ottawa folk would enjoy the show. We were at "4th Stage" at the NAC last night and had a great one, and we are back tonight. 7:30 showtime. I understand there are a handful of tickets left. Maybe I'll catch you there!
  11. TheGoodRev

    TURF talk

    I got a very minimal pat down pretty much around my waist...I guess looking to see if I have booze in my waistband?? It was pretty half-hearted though. Fun time last night! The highlight of She & Him for me (surprise surprise) was that Chris Scruggs (grandson of Earl) is part of the touring band. He played a tune on steel and killed it, but when it didn't look like he was going to sit back down again, we bailed. So many covers that were cool choices, and kudos to them for bringing light to some of my favourite old songs that nobody plays anymore, but they weren't executed with any kind of incredible dexterity or anything. I mean they weren't bad. But it was kinda like, you're headlining a festival and you're launching into your third 60's-era pop cover? Weird. However I must say that Unchained Melody in the middle with just the guitar and three singers was pretty cool. Looking forward to tonight if we're not rained out.
  12. I believe the story and find it to be funny (ok, a little sad)...and sure, the picture looks like Bob... But you never know. I had my own little case of airport-photo-from-behind-mistaken-identity. See below.
  13. I realize this is super unlikely. But Willie Nelson is super sold out and my mom is a huge fan (I mean, so am I) and it's her birthday. So if anybody has an extra pair on the offchance, I'll take em! email me aarongoldsteinmusic gmail
  14. Many happy returns, good sir.
  15. Interesting! The Toronto show is all about the setlist. Looking at that Ottawa setlist I can see why it would have gotten off to a weird start. Dunno why Toronto isn't on the archive. I don't have a lossless copy. But I took the liberty of uploading my mp3 copy for those interested. I still think it's pretty deadly. Have a listen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w38yx4dkh5cgjab/Oct%201%20Lee%27s%20Palace%2C%20Toronto.zip
  16. I saw them the previous night at Lee's Palace. Not to put too fine of a point on it...but that was a bit of a life-changing night for me. I became a huge fan. They returned and played two nights at the Horseshoe in the Spring of 04. I loved them as a quartet.
  17. Ha! Well it may not be solo or instrumental, but stand by...
  18. Been devastated about this since I heard the news. His records hold a very special place in my heart and my collection. RIP.
  19. Fri Feb 22 at Casbah, Hamilton FB event Sat Feb 23 at Silver Dollar, Toronto FB event Hope to see you!
  20. Was hoping to find a pair on the floor on CL but no luck. Contemplating whether to buy balcony seats.
  21. Proud to have played steel on this fine country record. Stream: http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/daniel_romano-come_cry_with_me_album_stream
  22. What is this place like? Would it be good for a sweaty, packed rock show?
  23. Just heard those gigs are sold out, hope you've got your tickets. If anybody's interested in vintage Western clothes I believe I can point you in the right direction for that type of thing too...also the hockey arena is directly on the strip, last year I caught a Preds game for $20 - if that sort of thing interests you. Also if you're just looking for a place to drink, allow me to endorse the Gold Rush restaurant, right across from the Exit/In. And if you find yourself in the 12 South neighbourhood, you'll want to make sure to hit Burger Up, and make sure to stop in a Katy K's which will satisfy the aforementioned Vintage Western clothing craving. Also here's another Time Jumpers vid that portrays a little more accurately what much of their set is about; that is, Western Swing.
  24. If you're there on a Monday you MUST go to Third and Lindsley (that's the name of the bar, and also the corner it's on). It's not on Broadway but it's not a far cab ride. The band is called the Time Jumpers. Cover is 15 dollars. It's a Western Swing orchestra. Paul Franklin is the steel player (played with Dire Straits and generally deemed to be the world's top steel player). Vince Gill is one of the vocalists. YOU WILL THANK ME! Otherwise, most of those joints on Broadway are fun for a bit but you'll find yourself growing wearing of the shitty New Country vibe. Make a point of going to Robert's Western World, where you're most likely to see something cool and old-school style. Right across the road is Ernest Tubb's records, you should check that out for sure. The Ryman is right around the corner and Gruhn's is right there too. Also Bahamas is on the Calexico tour, so that show will be extra good, I'd probably check that out if I was in town. Have fun, it's a great town! And be prepared to cab everywhere! EDIT This is from a Time Jumpers gig I was at: http://youtu.be/dAHfcqzhag0
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