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  1. a Phish forum perhaps? or a sub topic in the Slip forum?
  2. When I read that it was Garrioch vs Mlakar vs Wallace, I thought it would be good. Mlakar tossed in some nice jabs.
  3. I liked the fact you had to walk into the "locker room" to take a piss.
  4. Normally, I don't read the "Digital Face-Off" in the Sun, but today I thoroughly enjoyed when Brent Wallace called Garrioch "Humpty Dumpty"
  5. 50 chicken thighs?!?!?!?!
  6. Wow...phishtaper, you read our minds.
  7. Ovie is 23 and already has 213 goals... If he scores 50 for the next ten years that still won't even put him close.
  8. ...Hamilton Canadians? ...Hammertown Habs? If I hadn't spent $200 at Kama Sutra on Saturday, I'd have a new hockey team.
  9. what a waste of good cheeseburgers
  10. Hahahahaha...Where is roller hiding? <-----there you go Andre
  11. It's awfully quiet in here today....
  12. there was some after game bus shenanigans at Hurdman station. Lots of open booze on buses etc. Man...so much action when you work late! Go Sens!
  13. So the Sens have 13 games left... 13 and 0 = 26 points. 68 + 26 = 94 points. Good enough for the playoffs the way the Habs are playing.
  14. Until May 31, 2009, visitors to the Canada Agriculture Museum, Canada Aviation Museum and Canada Science and Technology Museum who present a valid OC Transpo transit pass or transfer can receive a free museum admission with the purchase of one paid admission of equal or greater value. ...poster in .pdf format
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