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  1. the gangs all waiting DaveyBoy
  2. A better way to put this would be: any seat you can purchase is now in the $75 price range. You not sitting?
  3. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    I'm still dumbfounded about out loud it was in the blazing sun. Great Scot!
  4. All tix are now 75 bucks no matter where you sit?
  5. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    Holy Weezer was fun. If only they could play 2 more hours...
  6. rubberdinghy


    Buttermilk. That is all.
  7. Can I stream this from the comfort of my own home? Ah phuckit. Storage Wars marathon here I come. Enjoy the show homies!
  8. Gonna be a fun party!!! Watch for some exciting contests that will be going on that night!
  9. BTW. I am happy to notice Art-is-in is not listed here... Way overpriced...and their bread hurts my mouth.
  10. Dirienzo's #11.. For Booche.
  11. Watched this last night and I must say, it's a very touching story. It's amazing what Knuckles went through in his life. Everything from childhood, through to the NHL, to his post retirement substance abuse, shoplifting, to trying to stay clean, and trying to make a living after everything. So many ups and downs... I thoroughly enjoyed his openness, not only detailing his own troubles but sharing how he felt about other people. The stories, the Montreal fans, the fact that he felt like a turncoat playing in Boston, and his friendship with Savard that allowed him to come back and retire a Hab. Over 3000 PIM's, a 21 goal, 37 point season, a nod to play in the All-Star game, and a Stanley Cup. God love this guy, if you don't, he'll knock your fucking teeth out.
  12. Who needs EK65? Benjamin Buttons leading the Sens with 22 points! BOOOOOYA!
  13. This...I'd do some pretty stupid things too.
  14. I like how it took you over an hour to realize the internet steered you wrong!
  15. Jesus...I should come on here more often. Lotsa talk aboot me.
  16. Did you know Miracle Whip was the downfall of the burger chain Licks? They switched the main ingredient of thier Guk sauce from mayo to Miracle Whip. The day I found out, I cried. I took one bite and was devastated. I went to the manager to discuss the issue. She told me the bad news. About a year later...Closed. I still don't understand everyone's love for sweet potato fries. Regular french fries are 10 times superior, and dipped in mayo, absolutely sublime.
  17. rubberdinghy


    I must find this woman and marry her. Sure Steph is good and all bud the Hud's got free BK for life!!!
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