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  1. I'm hoping Markov...then in my keeper league he'll get twenty thousand points and I'll like win the next 10 years in a row.
  2. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    That stuff happens these days...Shows how much I go out anymore.
  3. So someone tweeted that the Habs only need 3 goals to score 20,000 all time. Who'll get it?
  4. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    What if there are no club shows Bradm? I'm opting for a 5'er this year me thinks...
  5. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    Did you opt for paper or plastic Ollie?
  6. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    Didn't they also last year shove early bird tickets down out throats the same week as the announcement. Wonder if they are planning the same thing this year...
  7. Wish we were down there for this... Had so much fun on our last mini tour (Guelph and London) a couple of years back.
  8. OOOOOOOHHHH....I thought you baked the bread in bed after a night of drinking bad draft.
  9. Alfie 2.0 is finally coming around.
  10. Tweaked knee...Day to day... It truly is a black day for the Senators. In other news...Possibly one more saison for Alfie. Rumour has it he wants to play in Sochi.... Sloth. Love the Anderson dig there.
  11. pshaw. I saw Mumford and Sons before they were cool. You guys should have jumped on the bandwagon then. I'm cool, you guys drool.
  12. Thankfully I decided to stay at home and cry during that game FBN...
  13. Fun show...that drummer can....play the motherfucking drums...Jesus.
  14. So...that was interesting eh...
  15. Yup...Did it on the downlo last night too... 7 layer dip...(yes Bdunn...we actually had 7 layers) Some vegan stuff...raw tortilla chips and some sort of nutty seedy dip... Combination pizza Wings Steamwhistle c'est tout.
  16. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    I hope we get some Aaron Freeman this year...
  17. That one fucking douchebag bartender. I've always wanted to lean over and punch him in the face. ASSHAT.
  18. rubberdinghy

    Bluesfest 2013

    That's what she said.
  19. c-towns...figure out them magnets yet?
  20. Yeah...it's been a nice start!
  21. what are you doing outside?
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