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  1. If you weren't at this show you missed OUT! Tom's still got his signature jig down pat! Ken Greer still plays the guitar like no one else, silly faces and all. We were even treated to Kim Mitchell bassist Peter Fredette playing guitar too! The show was free, parking was free, the beers not free, but they were damn cold! LUNATIC FRINGE! and boy, can Tom ever channel Tom Waits.
  2. that was some awesome posting by this guy. No regrets guys...no regrets.
  3. PffyouguysdontknowgoodmusiwhenksthenextfreephishshohaveyoueverseentTomshredandjumpkickatthesameti
  4. I've been happy with my Moon Jersey purchases...the only thing I find hard with them is figuring out the sizes.
  5. This will be the show of 2012! I guarantee, or Booche will send you a CD.
  6. Aw ferfucksakes....Now what sloth? DE Adam Carriker is expected to undergo surgery after seriously injuring his knee in the Redskins' Week 2 loss to the Rams. Carriker went down on the second play of the game and never returned. He'll have an MRI on Monday, but the Redskins are not optimistic. "It doesn't look good," coach Mike Shanahan said. The 'Skins also lost OLB Brian Orakpo to another pectoral injury, leaving a gaping hole in their pass-rushing stable. It's good news for their Week 3 opponent, the Bengals.
  7. I heard Jay from nero is worried about his role Oct 27th...
  8. Turris signed 5 year deal...if anyone ever comes in here anymore.... this is the best move EVER!
  9. Why don't we make a little journey up? This!
  10. I wanna know how that Mill St organic got in there...Can't get drunk as fuck on that.
  11. When was the last time we had a nero post AND a Grand Theft Bus post on the first page of Forum Topics? Not too mention a photo of DaveyBoy with some hand lotion and a Conway Twitty album. Oh man....how I miss the good old days!
  12. rubberdinghy


    beer is good
  13. Oh man. Thanks guys. Odd not being at B'fest for my bday this year!
  14. That shirt looks kinda like a large storm brewing over the capital, preparing to bring down a stage again...
  15. 3 years, 4 million!!! Good on him. I love Rick Nash...or is that Steve Nash???
  16. Should we start a "replace Nickelback" petition? Xavier Rudd, and or Michael Franti should suffice.
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