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  1. you know........I only made it the once....and realize that I know these guys are pro's but I can make 40 pp sammy's for the price they charge for one...and mine taste just as good...
  2. I'll be out and about tonight!
  3. did not like the PP sammy at Billy Bones
  4. There is more than the Barr Bros at the Jazzfest you know.....
  5. Selling any singles? Let me know!
  6. there was a thread about the end that I cannot find, but some people posted some songs about the good times there... Anyone remember any? Just heard Million Vacations by Max Webster and thought it's appropriate..
  7. i hate everything about Bfest this year....
  8. I havent smoked in 2 years 7 months...cold turkey...no fucking books....I'm amazing. ps. I've got the book...who wants it
  9. Living in my backyard. Come get 'em before Daphne eats them for breakfast!
  10. FESTIVAL PASS The Festival Pass comes in two parts, one flashing pass plus one Bell wristband containing an RFID chip. It lets you attend all the shows for the 11 days of the event. 150,000 passes on sale. How to get yours: Advance sale FINISHED Thanks SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2012 AT NOON - Online and phone sales www.infofestival.com By phone (Box Office Opening Hour): - Quebec City area and international (outside North America): 418-800-FEIQ (3347) - Canada and US (toll-free): 1-855-800-FEIQ (3347) Price: $66 (taxes and service included, plus shipping) Limit: 4 passes per person 65,000 passes available. - Visa Desjardins Bonidollars: by phone 1 877 BILLETS (1-877-245-5387) THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012 - On sale in greater Quebec City area Metro supermarkets Price: $65 (taxes and service included) Limit: 4 passes per person List of Metro supermarkets 25,000 passes available
  11. Shit was getting serious at Amigos.
  13. When are they gonna tell us there is a "add cash to bracelet" fee? Cuz there's a fee for everything...
  14. Racist tweets + Tim Thomas not going to White House + Black President = Coincidence? I think not.
  15. I keep looking at the schedule and see myself wandering from stage to stage at points with nothing interesting me at all. As for late additions, according to the grid on July 5th, there are 3 "TBA" spots. There is also the epic empty Monday with only I Mother Earth, Nickelback, My Darkest Days. So, does that mean there will be any huge additions? I doubt it. I dunno...I should change my handle on here to "Complainsy"
  16. I thought I had a fiver in my pocket just before I left...Well, I did...but it was Canadian Tire money. Please forgive me!
  17. OC Transpo should hand out Presto passes, since it's similar, at Bluesfest. Fuck, I'm a marketing phenomenon.
  18. Thanks for the show! Sorry we left early, had to let our new baby out! Burger at Irene's was pretty damn good. I had the blackened burger complete with Applewood smoked cheddar. Coulda used more cheese, but I really enjoyed it.
  19. woot woot! Seeya all there tonight...How's the chow at Irene's?
  20. Yup..Bluesfest last year was fantastic.
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