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  1. STEVIE Y comes thru yhen they give it right back. overall things look good tho.thirds about ta start! later
  2. Swifty


    the tie is only satisfactory in my books!! but going up against the fins instead of the rewskies is a fair trade off. we definately controlled the play for most of the gamebut we let off the hitting in the final 1.5 periods and the cheques got right back in it. tough luck on their 3rd goal. hey i spend way too much time on this dang computer.
  3. WELL AFTER 2 PERIODS WE DEFINATELY look wayyyyy better than the other games. we're takin it to em, but i think we need to start hitting again. damn that hasek too! these are the shortest games , no? good luck in the third boys!
  4. yes velvet i think nero should head down this way!!! can you make it happen??? at least a trip to london would be great too!!!
  5. something i was thinking of.....do you think we could get one of these bands to play our town? howzabout nero at eightball!!! or bacons garage
  6. hey man i'd love to hitch a ride to that show but i'm going to head down with k.c.. unless you have room for both of us??? we don';t want to drive...obviously!! wow heather is in for a shocker!! are the tix still freebies cause they are charging $33 thru ticketbastard plus service charges that would make them over $40 us and that scares me a bit. i've already spent a fortune on goodies for the show and that ticket price is outrageous. i would be very pissed if he only played one set too, as he has been playing 1 set and 2 set shows on this tour so far. getting together this week sounds cool. maybe the three chatham sanctuarians can all party one night this week. anyways we'll chat soon. south chatham owwwwwwt!
  7. ahhhh bummer, well i guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. why didn't they pull cujo after the 3rd goal??? he's not the only one to blame tho. i'm still very confident that the ass whoopin the germans will receive tomorrow will put us all at ease. i barely remember loggin in last night cause the honey browns did the trick and the fog between my ears is still a bit thick.
  8. iu'm prtetty drunk fer 11:45 haning fun tho.....hehe ooooooooooh
  9. ahhhhhh man how disappointing, wow i feel like a friggin' p[iece o' she-ite....don't know whjazuppppppp
  10. p.s. now its 2 hours and counting. hey nomad please don't spout off about your team on this kind canadian board...hehe just kidding its just been a long time since our last gold and we're a bunch of hockey crazed animals over here!
  11. HEY BB, i'm heading over to fosters for the big game. he's only a short distance from you and i'm sure he wouldn't mind if you stopped in. he doesn't hate you that much!hehe and hey i just bought some more disks and have about 15 more shows ready to go.... more robert randolph and word shows. two word shows from 2002. gotta get another honey brown! if we don't hook up tonight we'll talk soon. peazowt
  12. been looking forward to this for 4 years now and the game is almost set to begin!!! can't wait for our team to stomp on any nay sayers. team CANADA for gold baby!!! gettin ready to do some boozin' right shortly too. sorry nomad but team usa will fall to the mighty CANADIANS!
  13. hey there nomad, i'm also looking forward to the ratdog show and will probably meet you there as bacon boy and i are buds. can't wait to get down with bobby ant the rest of the ratdog crew!!! see ya there.....
  14. HEY KK, those pancakes sound swell but i'll have to pass too. can you figure out how to get a custom avator cause i'd like one.peasout!
  15. hey backpain can you help with this my friend??
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