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  1. I am going ! tongue.gif" border="0

    anyway.. it is not WHAT you do this summer.. it is how much fun you have.. make the best of where you need to be.. i havnt posted on here in a while.. sheesh.. i feel so "out of the loop"

    actually the thing that got me back on was shane's expalnation tongue.gif" border="0


    wasaga beach can be fun.. if you arent in that horrible strip of utter crap! (sorry shane i know you'll probally be there)

    the beach is nice if it is not crowded.. and the sunshine campground is always the place to be for a good party ;P

    ok.. this post is turning out to be quite negative..


    hugs all around.. you know i dont mean anything bad..

    have a good summer all smile.gif" border="0

    there's always the cozo (yeah new couches that are washable!!!!!!!)


  2. i'm going with muh boy wink.gif" border="0

    ohh shainehouse.. what happened to ya and kitchener.. you just ditched us...

    i think this is the right guy.. the magazine shaine.. from the comfort zone???

    this is rachelle...

    quite dissapointing frown.gif" border="0

    well i guess i'll see ya at the horseshoe.. can we get advanced tix .. anyone know???

  3. giggles.. i think we must have gotten yelled at by every bouncer there that night..

    even after krista left.. they werent too pleased when we took our shoes off to dance..

    they are playing in toronto.. and depending on my cash flow i might go to peterborough smile.gif" border="0

    i cant believe these are their last shows (wipes a tear)

    peace and love.. see ya on thursday smile.gif" border="0

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