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  1. First off - thanks for a few good ideas :-)

    To clarify the situation for those interested. We really did have quite a good relationship. Dude is in a wheelchair, so I'd go over and shovel his driveway, haul heavy stuff around, we ran his fridge and freezer on our generator during power outages. And, we have taken what used to a fugly-ass house (ours) and we have done a huge amount of work over three years - siding, roofing, new out buildings, gardens etc. We have removed an enormous eye-sore from the neighbourhood and increased his property value in doing so.

    We share a 15' alley between our houses. It will NEVER be used as an actual alley, but it is an official set-aside. Both of us use it for access to our places. I spoke with him about putting a fence in. He said, "When you do, you can use my hedges as a mark, they are exactly on my property line.". So, I pulled 15' from them. Kayte and I went away for a few weeks and came home to the letter from the village. I then found the iron post and, sure enough, we were 12" over.

    So, I can take my licks. I didn't do my homework - my own fault. However, I'm certainly not going to help the guy out much after this. What I really don't get is that by fencing ourselves off, we would be increasing his effective yard space by 15'x 50'.

    Next, I get another letter from the village saying there's been a complaint because my truck is blocking the alley (again - an alley that will never be used in its official capacity). Fair enough - the neighbour does use it about once a year. Again, I'll comply because its right but I feel even less inclined to like the guy for not speaking to me directly. I can't see this as anything other than a passive aggressive lash out.

    Now, here's the final deal. We have a big old school bus / motor home. Once he illustrated the exact dimensions of the alley in dispute, I drove the bus into our property through the alley. It gives him a nice view of the bus.

    This year, I started working on the bus - refinishing the outside. He came out and started yelling at me and telling me that he'll call the cops if I use spray paint on the thing. It wasn't until he called me sneaky during this exchange that I got really choked. I lost my temper and unloaded on him about all of it - unfortunately, I played perfectly into his bitter view of the world.

    Again -

    I get his beefs. There is a layer of legitimacy to them. However, he's been such a dick about it that I cannot help but feel like fucking with him a bit.

    I also get the whole thing about not escalating. The mature part of me embraces that. The realistic part of me (who's listened to him go through the entire town's supply of landscapers in a flurry of abuse and dismissals), says nothing is ever going to please this guy. He's bitter as fuck at the world and just wants to take it out on anyone and everyone. That part of me says, let's have a little fun fucking with him.

    Oh yeah, thinking back on our history - he even started a nasty rumour about one of our other neighbours being a pedophile/flasher/and fire bug.

    Btw - I love the vuvuzela orchestra and body suit ideas.

  2. So, I'm having a fight with my neighbour. We'd had a great neighbourly relationship until he had the village complain to me for putting fence-posts 12" into an alley that we share. Anyways, things have devolved from there.

    Until now, I've maintained a distance and desire to have no conflict. Today he put me over the top. Now, its time to have some fun at his expense.

    I have the feeling that there are some creative minds here who may have some ideas on (legal and non-damaging) ways to fuck with a neighbour. If you have good stories of terrible neighbours or neighbours you've pissed off - let me know.

    A couple of thoughts:

    - I'm not moving, so this can be a VERY prolonged and involved process.

    - I do not want to damage any of his property

    - I do not want to get into legal problems

    - I'd love to lure him into a position where I could have a harassment charge brought (just for the laughs)

    Current plans involve:

    - fake barking dog on a timer (to guard our garden from crows, of course)

    - seeding the perimeter of his house with clover (he hates deer because of his garden)

    - Howard Stern is now permanently pointed out of our window, btw. Loud. From 8am - 9pm.

  3. I've had a G4 for about 2.5 yrs. I was adequately happy with it until the logic board blew about five days ago. Now, I have a completely worthless hunk of silicon and plastic, or a $1200 repair bill.

    2.5 yrs?!? Gimme a break. I'm very unimpressed. And, no, I don't have the extended warranty. And, yes, I still consider it a problem with mac as I've never known anyone to lose the whole f%$king computer after 2.5 yrs.

    As far as the "features" of macs go, I don't think very much of it all. I honestly didn't feel there was that much difference from all the pc based computers I'd used. WIth the exception that the file management system on macs blows.

    If you use the file manager to rearrange photos or music, the applications that you use to browse and listen will no longer access the files. STUPID.

  4. I agree with Hamilton on this.

    As far as phish appreciation goes, I'm in the fortunate position of being completely immune to lyrics - I can never really hear them.

    I hear melodies and tonalities, but I could never make out any lyrics to any songs (apart from the screamingly obvious) - I guess this is why I'm not into Dylan (and his like) at all.

    I think this is a blessing with Phish. Their lyrics are admittedly stupid, and uninteresting. They (try to) do cool things with melody and harmony, though...

  5. I don't get why deadheads are all hung up on phish's soul. They don't play "soul" music. They're musical comics - playing FUC&ING well and styley - but its not serious music.

    Frankly, I'd rather see Billy Connelly any day before bothering to see Olivier on stage. But, I guess a better analogy to phish/dead would be Robin Williams vs. Peter Fonda


  6. There was a really cool piece on the cbc yesterday regarding this issue. They were looking at the Portuguese experience as they "decriminalized" all personal drugs from pot -> heroine about 10 years ago. Its been INCREDIBLY effective. They now have a very manageable and healthy system to deal with drug problems.

    As an aside - don't hold your breath for "legalization". One of the things under discussion was the difference between decriminalization and legalization. Canada and a bunch of other signatory countries are not able to legalize without contravening international law. Decriminalization is perfectly possible and a hell of a good first step...

  7. Would it have been good "professional journalism" or Gomeshi's part to ignore the elephant in the room and "steer" the interview away from it?

    Its plain and simple - regardless of what BBTs handlers asked/instructed CBC about his acting career - Thornton was incredibly rude and CHILDISH. His reaction is just SOOOOO disproportionate to Gomeshi's intro if that's really the issue.

    Come on. Can you seriously excuse his behaviour having watched that?!?

    If he was really upset - suck it up like an adult and at the very least don't act like a baby in front of the world...

  8. Thanks again.

    I just managed to move my fingers a bit this week. Doesn't sound like much, but for the last three weeks I've had to let the repairs heal without moving them - so, I couldn't help but wonder if the tendon repairs had actually taken...

  9. Recipe for putting your life (music/skiing/biking) on hold for a year.

    This is what the outside of my arm looks like two weeks after falling on some metal flashing and severing my ulner artery and 7 tendons governing the use of my right hand.

    Yes, I'm right-handed.

    I think I'm fairly lucky to be alive given the blood loss - and, I'm healing up well. But, it's a head-trip thinking about the recovery and the what ifs...


    Don't try this at home!

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