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  1. Depends on how the avi is threatening your life. If you were, say, swept through a bunch of trees or rocks and your head bounces on them - the helmet could buy you time. If a small slide knocks your feet out from under you and you tumble over a cliff and hit your head - the helmet could save you. If you're trapped and suffocate - no.
  2. Goldengrooves - you guys had some fatalaties your way, too? I know about the Sparwood debacle, but haven't heard the location of the rest... All in all a good winter to be too broke to ski.
  3. AD - you'll dig Revelstoke. Its pretty impressive terrain. Its about 2.5hrs north of me. Remind me when you're about to do your trip - I might be convinced to come and spend a day up there. Phorbsie - you'll get good riding in the west, but IMHO the best riding is in the kootenays - Revelstoke, Whitewater and Red Mountain.
  4. I ski mostly back-country. I don't wear a helmet when I'm touring. Its a pain in the ass to carry and keep dry in the backpack on ascents. You have to grab shit out of your pack all the time while climbing, so its totally in the way. Cat-skiing, snowmobile, and ski hill days. 100% helmet wearing. My helmet is super comfy and I don't trust other skiers.
  5. I don't think the irony was lost on anyone...
  6. I just heard a thing on the radio. This is both Champix and Chantix. Chamtix in the USA Champix everywhere else "Champ" gives unrealistic expectations of certain success. We wouldn't want to pull the wool over the eyes of the poor american populace.
  7. Last night was the first time I had the privilege to see Garaj Mahal since they opened for Karl Denson at the Commodore many years ago. It was worth the wait. The Spirit Bar in Nelson is a fairly small venue - similar(ish) to Maverick's or PJC. There was a pretty decent crowd, but I'm a bit shocked that the place was not packed. That's a Sunday night in a dance club town, I guess. The show stumbled a little in the beginning. Haque's rig was acting up and there were a few issues with the house system. Despite the problems, they still layed it down. These guys have an interesting way of
  8. Its the backbone of the tune. Drummers give you accents and dynamics. Guitars give you the flavours and ass-kickin's. But the bass lays down the vibe. I had only played bass a handful of times over about fourteen years. Then, my brother brought me his (BC Rico Eagle) as it was sitting in a basement not being used. Now I'm gigging with two bands and can't get enough of it. My neighbour plays like Jaco and has agreed to take me on as his student. Pretty stoked to start developing a bit better technique. Buying into the technology will take a financial miracle... I have the Zoom B3 which le
  9. I could ask a million questions but until I get some $$$ to throw at a rig... ya know.
  10. Wow. I really need to get my bass-geek on. I play an old cube 60 through a Zoom B3 and think it kicks ass. Ha ha ha ha ha. I only understood a tiny fraction of this discussion, but I've found it somewhat insightful all the same.
  11. Congratulations brother!
  12. Happy birthday bouche-bag. Hope ya gave'r good.
  13. So, Saturday morning I checked my email to see that a good friend was heading to Ymir BC to see David Grisman. I hadn't heard a thing about it. I emailed for tix and was told there'd be a pair waiting a will-call. My dad bought me a mandolin for my birthday ten years ago. The same day, he gave me a copy of Doc and Dawg. I spent about a year trying to learn the opening four bars of music. I have spent the last 9 lamenting the fact that I would probably never get to see Grisman play live. Needless to say, when I got word he was playing two hours down the road - I hit it. What a day. We head
  14. Will it also eliminate that nasty dose of the clap?
  15. Happy b-day Julia (from Kayte too)
  16. My nugget of info would be to encourage her to try out as many guitars in that range as possible. Then she will come to terms with what you both know... If you can find a guitar that holds tune and has relatively decent intonation for $300 - take it. Doesn't matter what brand or model it is.
  17. The last time I saw that guy, he was marrying my cousin. Yup. My cousin's ex.
  18. Brad, Someone with your intellect should certainly see that Lionel was IMPLYing an "all night" activity. I figured the board members were smart enough to see this. Are you trying to say they aren't?
  19. Happy birthday big guy. I want to see that outfit pulled out next time I'm in town...
  20. I'm going to ask only this. Do you remember the theme from Wonder Woman? It kicked ass! +
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