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  1. When Kayte and I were in Onterrible in April we stopped into DiRienzo's before getting on the plane to come home. Airlines being airlines, we thought we'd get some GOOD lunch...

    We also bought a jar of their eggplant.

    Today, in the middle of the BC forests, I had a sweet ham, soprasetta, sprouts, EGGPLANT, and lettuce sandwich on home made bread. Not exactly the same as the Beech St sandwiches but it still knocks the hell out of PB&J.

    Today was the end of the jar...

  2. I find the taste of butter is way better if you strain the fibre.

    Debilitating at times for sure. Fun though when they're on.

    Any oil should work although I've only used butter. I believe the reason the THC migrates into the fat is that THC is fat-soluble or hydrophobic (if they are not necessarily the same thing, you get the point...).

    Mmmm, time to do some baking...

  3. BradM gave me a copy of an Inglewood Jack show (from March) while I was home. I'm giving it a listen right now.

    I gotta say - you dudes are ripping it up.

    I dug it when I first heard y'all. I'm diggin' it even more now.

  4. Hey,

    Hectic times for sure. Saw Willy and FunkyB down at the Accoustic Cats in Dundas last wknd. Piles of fun family shenanigans in Beamsville.

    Just arrived in Ottawa and have freshly cleaned and newly shiny teeths.

    Anyone wanna see them tonight?

    Kayte is rolling in at 8:30. We're meeting up with a couple of peoples at the Oak on Bank (the old one across from Barrymore's-ish).

    Let me know if there's anything else going on between now and Wed.

    J out

  5. Someone just reminded me in another post that Kayte and I are headed to Ontario at the end of the month.

    Kayte will be in the Hammer on or around the 27th of March and I arrive the 29th (Friday night).

    We'll both be up in Ottawa for Easter weekend.

    If anyone has any suggestions for shows or places to hook up either of those weekends, I'd love to hear them. Its a short trip so we'll probably only have one or two nights in each town to party it up given our families will want to see us too...

    Lookin' forward to seeing some of you folks!

  6. Yay - road trip :-) We're hitting O-ville too.

    Yeah, GG - Kicking Horse rules with fresh. I had the pleasure of taking off my knee brace for the first time post-surgery at KH - they dropped the rope on fuze bowl right when I got off Stairway chair. First tracks with 45 fresh - cornice drop to one of those off-fall-line chute wall lines. What a great way to say goodbye to the brace!

  7. I've probably met her there. I'll make a point of saying hi next time through...

    Cedar Creek Cafe? Mmmmmm good stuff.

    Tell her to check out the Soup du Jar products at Evergreens. We'll be there on Saturday doing a tasting.

  8. It was Mustang Powder Cats. One of the original Monashee Powder owners split off four years ago to start Mustang (he's a former olympian equestrian dude, hence the name).

    One of my ski partners is an assistant ski guide (ACMG) and he works there. Told me about an opening and it all came together.

    I've had to ski a lot of powder to get to this point in my career :-)

  9. Did I miss any discussion of this band?

    They just played in Nelson. I'm not sure if they were doing any Ontario dates...

    My impression:

    Four technically talented dudes who need to go out and find their own musical voices.

    I'm glad I went, but I left early. I won't stick around if they're playing anywhere I go again...

  10. Yiiiihhhhhaaaaaaa,

    Talk about the dream job. I just got "tried out" for a tail guide position with a cat skiing operation in the Monashee mtns. Two weeks of killer turns with a bunch of people who could collectively pay off Canada's entire national debt (maybe a bit of an exageration...). If it turns into work for next winter - bonus.

    15000 to 20000 vertical feet per day.

    Five course gourmet meals.

    Beautiful log frame lodge

    Good times.


  11. Pure jazz gets the most rotation around here. It seems like they play a wide variety of stuff.

    But I agree with Phishtaper to a certain degree - I don't need to hear stuff I already own. At the same time, I don't want to hear the same four artists over and over again even if I don't own their material.

    Anyhow, I'm pretty disappointed.

    I listen to a lot of cbc (which as I said before, we wouldn't get here without the satellite system.

    I'm forced to listen to Martha Stewart station (which is grounds to throw the whole thing out the window).

    And, occasionally I turn on Stern to hear what outrageousness he's spewing.

    That's an interesting one actuallly. I don't actually find most of the Stern material funny or interesting in any way. However, there is something about his approach to showbiz that I reallly appreciate. Unabashedly commercial - knows his audience VERY well. But, quite irreverent.

  12. Hey,

    Anyone been subjected to this or any other sirius radio channels?

    My boss gave me a satellite system for Christmas. I thought it was pretty cool at first. After one road trip listening to the same ten bands in constant rotation, I was convinced that the entire spirit of improvisational music is violated by the format of the jam channel.

    Oh well, onto the next. The progressive house electronica station... crap. Some good tunes, too much repetition (yeah, the irony is not lost on me) of songs and artists.

    Now, I find that the only thing I use this for is getting cbc reception since I live in a remote area with spotty cbc reception.

    Kayte listens to BLOODY MARTHA STEWART non-stop.

    I now wonder if I did something to piss off my boss.

    Any thoughts on satellite radio?

  13. Funny poo story.

    I worked in the bush from May to Christmas. 8hrs a day in the forest, you're going to eventually need to crap. Everyone has their own system designed for crapping comfort, keeping tp dry, making sure it doesn't get on your shoes etc.

    Me, I do a wall squat against a big tree. Great system until... you sit yourself against a tree that is pitching (sap).

    In November, around 11am, I crapped against a cedar tree. When I'd finished, I hoisted my pants and rain gear (it was pouring) only to have my ass scream in protest.

    I tried desperately to dance around, reaching for my butt, to figure out what I had dropped into my pants that was sticking into my ass. No luck - I got a handful of cedar pitch.

    So, for the rest of the day I worked while hairs were pulled from my ass slowly and seemingly methodically. We didn't have alcohol swabs in the truck, so I had to sit VERY uncomfortably all the way back to our office. At the office, we only had hydrogen peroxide - no help.

    Eventually, I got home (after a 45m drive - again sitting very uncomfortably) and took a shower with my razor.

    My new nickname - Patches.

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