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  1. I've got some studio production work of Digweed's that I really like. Alot. Maybe some of my favourite electronica.

    His live performance leaves a lot to be desired. I saw him spin in Ottawa. Weak. Weak music. Weak performance. Weak crowd.

    Perhaps the weak crowd hit him and affected the show. However, I won't be rushing out to spend any $ on his shows again.

    Having said that, I'll download any new production he's doing as his track record is high.

  2. Hey LM,

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa - I hope he lived a full life and went with few regrets.

    On the other hand, I'm glad to hear you're free. Fuhgetabout how they did it and just give thanks you're not stuck on Bay St. anymore :-)

    May I suggest EI and a personal project for the next couple of months?...

  3. Hey Mark,

    I saw your post and almost chimed in guaranteeing my attendance - then I started thinking about the timing n' such.

    Kayte is throwing a NYE party here in the Kootenays. My folks are visiting the week before. That pretty much blows our chances of making it to the GM shows you're hitting - or to the coast during your stay, period.

    However, Kayte is getting on a plane for the hammer in about 24hrs. She'll be hanging for a week or so. Do you have her email etc?


  4. Brad, you kill me :-) I want to write a bass line for your song.

    DEM - the lambs were a bit of a trip. It was definitely something that I had to work up to. I'm not much of a killer but I figure if I'm going to eat it, I should be willing to do the deed. I got Deb's message on the email, but haven't had access to a decent computer or a telephone since March - a call is coming!

    Ms. Hux - I'm stoked to hear you'll be doing the deed in Wakefield. Where at?

    Btw - Hamilton dirt-bags - Kayte will be hitting Hammer-town for a limited number of appearances from the 15th to the 23rd.

    Computer crack is good...

  5. Hey skid-bags,

    After a long absence, Kayte and I are back online!

    Here's the reader's digest version of the last eight months...

    - Got the bus to BC

    - Went skiing in Nakusp for a month

    - Ran out of money because of all the skiing

    - Took a job with a forest consulting company

    - Kayte started a soup company

    - Bought house in New Denver

    - Bought computer (Mac - first time on an apple and loving it!)

    - Lovin' life and back online

    So, I slaughtered three lambs this morning (complete with sledge-hammer hits to the head) then spent the rest of the day with a tow truck driver pulling, in turns, his truck out of the muck and our bus out of a forest.

    All is well - kinda crazy - but lots good.

    The music scene in the northern kootenays leaves something to be desired, but I should have a fun project or two underway within a month or so. Playing bass again - got the ol' BC Rico from my bro - and playing around with the stock studio program on the mac (Bouche - you are way ahead on the curve with the whole mac thing - they rule!).

    Hope yer all well and up to the same ol' shite.

    J&K out

  6. I agree that Liv is pretty hot. However, there's always been something about her face that has bothered me. This photo just put it in place for me. I think she looks like she's permanently gagging on a big shlong.

    OK, now I have to rethink this whole thing. She just got hotter.

    Btw, One Night at McCool's should be seen if for no other reason than the closing scene is gut-wrenchingly funny.

  7. Toby Keith

    I always heard that his herb was top shelf

    I just couldn't wait to find out for myself

    Don't knock it till you tried it, well I tried it my friend

    I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

    I learned a hard lesson in a small Texas town

    He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around

    The last words I spoke before they tucked me in

    I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

    I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

    My party's all over before it began

    You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend

    But I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

  8. Killer.

    Skied 50 cm freshies this weekend. That was after a day kayaking on the Kuskanax and a day mtn biking in low elevation trees.

    I'm home!

    Me n' Kayte are trying to put together a website with some photos of the bus, a little how-to manual for bus conversions (our entire back brake casing was busted in two when we got it to Ottawa - that was a fun one to figure out and fix!) and an info site for new projects. I'll post the link if we ever get it together.

    Glad to hear all's ok with moe.ron.

    Sorry for the partial hijack bouche - at least there's something about brakes in here ;-)

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