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  1. yo yo there sassy mama! i guess i could be coerced given the proximity.....are you guys coming over? sleeping over? lemme know.
  2. sarah....hello my lovely fairy. how are you doing??? eating lots of kimchi i hope. i was in the hammer last weekend and saw farid, he looks spic and span i tell you...no sign of young truman though!
  3. that was a mighty fine party, thank you so so so much alexis. me and my posse had a vibin' good time.
  4. i am so so so ampped about this. and thank you alexis for hosting the aftercrowd, very exciting. i am in wakefield, QC at this veru moment but am getting ready to hit the road. I LOVE SMOKESTACK!
  5. Happy Birthday to you my friend! Wishing you loads of greatness, health, women and wonders and i wish that i get to see you tonight at smokestack! yeehaw.
  6. oh my goodness i picked the best week to be going bach to hammertown! wicked, way to go by the way on booking smokestack!
  7. looks like i found my "stayup"... oh, and i apologize in advance for being late.
  8. would a place in north TO count? (bathurst and steeles) my aunt has an vacant fully furnished condo, she lives in NWT and this condo serves as a guilt offering to her girls who live in BC, guelph and halifax. enough said. let me know. and how are you my friend!
  9. hi there, some of you may know me but i would like to share with anyone intereseted; particularly, someone wanting an engagement ring. I possess a stunning ring that i would love to rid from my life. Marriage was very short, ring is STUNNING and i mean STUNNING! It is an antique piece, approx 2 carats, I have papers and am offering one well of a deal!
  10. thanks you, thank you. that set propelled me into a cool state of perfect busy! my gang from the hammer wants you guys to get down there, lemme know if you need a hand?!?[color:blue]
  11. [color:blue] Thank you all so much for helping us celebrate and create Wakefest 2005. It was a remarkable event AND THAT UNMISTAKABLE VIBE! Wow. If any of you (besides Bouche) have photos I would love to see them! So please forward or ask J. for my email..... On a final note I would like to thank Bouche and Jambands for this extraordinary venue that we have to share ideas, love, gossip and MUSIC. cheers, thank you thank you and WOW.
  12. ...see...there is a thread for everybody! ...and how is the new place working out??
  13. [color:red] whatever you do....DO NOT eat raw onions in nfld. also, if you ever need to laugh your ass-off read about The Fluvariam and then ACTUALLY GO THERE!!!
  14. shit, this prooves it....i thought i was responding to del.... hi ya dr evil mouse..that is funny. are you guys sttill moving here???
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