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  1. Thanx for this. I clicked and sent a message to the PM. everyone should too
  2. i was at the show it was amazing!!! their just as good as they always were stnmtn what do u look like have we met?
  3. so, i've been in toronto lately, and i've been seeing this cute, super cool guy named Dima for about 3 weeks...and we got to talking about mushrooms. turns out we both love them. so he suggested to me that we do them together and go to the art gallery... the other day, we did just that. We split a quarter (he ate way more than I did) and headed to the gallery. So about an hour into it, i start getting overwhelmed by the shrooms...they were super potent...and i got lost staring into this Rembrandt. (At the time, my date was nearby, staring at a Van Gogh) ...i was staring at it for about 20 min when i realized...i sh!t my pants. PANIC HITS RIGHT AWAY. first a cold snap right to the face...then heat all over my body. Dima was a few pantings up...i didn't know what to do ...so i just bolted... but then i thought about it and i came back to the area of the van gogh to explain ... dima was already gone! i walked around for a while in the gallery looking for him and i didn't have the courage to take the subway home with a pant load full of sh!t... so i ran to the bank, took out 100 bucks and took a 90 dollar cab ride home...i felt so sorry for the cabbie. i haven't had the courage to call Dima since...what should i do? i am one embarrassed girl
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    bret fullsomm

    does anyone hear no the guys in this band or any detales about this tour? http://www.jambands.ca/sanctuary/showtopic.php?tid/229211/pid/316901/post/last/m/1/#LAST i wanna no when there coming out west and if they will play vancouver iland
  5. i rember that band! i hope they come to the island or else im going to have to go to vancouver for this this will be amazing thanks for that anouncment stnmtn!
  6. why would someone hak arlo guthry's site? he would never hurt any one peeple can be so stupid
  7. reely? that is grate! i bouhgt his first cd and i love it. i know what i want for chrismas
  8. i lissened to the song @ the link you gave and it was "intresting" but not my type of music very intresting band tho and wierd
  9. welcome abored! i hope to see you here offen.
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    bath bombs rule
  11. [color:purple]"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." - Drew Cary
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