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  1. nevermind...looks like I missed it
  2. I'm coming your way to play Roller Derby on July 23rd. Would love to see some familiar faces in the crowd. Just sayin' SATURDAY JULY 23, 2011 – Doors at 6pm DOUBLE HEADER Rideau Valley Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa) vs. Tri-City Vicious Dishes (Kitchener-Waterloo) Rideau Valley Riot Squad (Ottawa) vs. Tri-City Venus Fly Tramps (Kitchener-Waterloo) Jack Charron Arena – 10 McKitrick Dr., Kanata I play for the Tramps, can't wait!!
  3. DUH! YAY! Just a minor delay here on my part.... Thank you everyone! You all rock! Some warm up celebrations last Saturday and big party party next Saturday the 26th with Diesel Dog at the Lanc here in KW...the fun never stops in March. Woohoo. Thanks again...I love birthdays...mostly mine, but still. :chug:
  4. ...anyone travelling to this from my neck of the woods but coming back by 2pm on Sunday?????
  5. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this.... Do you still have extras Patchoulia????
  6. Crap, I so want to go! If anyone happens to have an extra I'd be happy to help.
  7. Sweet. One of the girls in our league is a huge Neil fan...her derby name is Heart of Cold and her number is 72. I'll have to tell her his sister plays. Any plans to play again in the near future?
  8. 2000+ for your first ever bout that's freaking AWESOME!!!! Holy crap!! So how much did you love it???
  9. Along the same lines as the easy bake oven I saw a kick ass childrens kitchen set at Walmart the other day and remembered getting one when I was little. LOVED IT!
  10. Thanks everyone....I had a blast. Hamilton's got some hard hitters. Spent a considerable amount time on the ground last night and was a Harlot sandwich at one point taking a hard hit from both sides simultaneously. Yikes! Got to play quite a bit for a newbie though. SO MUCH FUN! Thanks to those who did make it out. Hope I get to do that again real soon.
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