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  1. Thanks Dave-O. What's there exactly? Is it like a studio or something? Warehouse? Rock-star wannabe's basement? Do you know how one might go about reaching said venue? Oh and monkey man - thanks for the avatar comment, I like it too! Funny, all it cost me was a slice of cheesecake.
  2. Dude, that hurt! No more pudding pops for you.
  3. You mean, you actually put your barbeque away? Dude, that's just wrong. I say dig it out with the car. Nothing says winter like some good ol' chard grubs. Just ask George Forman. Alas, tonight's cuisine will be pepared sans le grill. It consists of my homemade Green Thai curry, (coconut milk, zucchini, spinach, shallots, and my secret ingredient)accompanied by the most delicate of rice noodles and a bottle of vino. Mmm. Can't wait.
  4. Thought I would stick out a feeler and see what's out there in terms of rehearsal space in Ottawa. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!
  5. Al Pacino would have sucked!!! Princess Leia would have been taller then him...maybe even R2D2 would have been. Although Al PAcino might have been a good Ewok.
  6. Boooo indeed! BackBacon and I are plotting to kick Booche's ass now. CD please!
  7. You're shitting me! What's your source?
  8. No, it couldn't be.....It wasn't YOU Booche was it? Aren't you truly famous now Sanctuary boy? Okay seriously, was it Christopher Walken and Finigin (from Mr. Dressup?) CD please!
  9. Grrrrrr. You're killing me! Sorry about the bum bum comment BackBacon. I get a bit competitive for free tunes.
  10. Christopher Wlken and JOHN TRAVOLTA BABY!!! CD please!
  11. Oh, BackBacon, I wasn't fast enough! You've got a serious ass woopin' comin if we're right.
  12. Christopher Walken and Tom Selleck. CD Please!
  13. Oh, I got it! It's Christopher Walken and Paul Reuben! Hehehe. Now there's a hero! I dare you all to go to www.starwars.com, episode IV, Hans Solo, behind the scene. BradM, you're so right.
  14. Dudes, it was Kurt Russell. CD Please!
  15. B- You still got my ticket? It's Saturday right? What time? Can I get more tickets? Where and how much? Preplans? Postplans? Come on educate this girl! If he plays the piano with a coconut...I'll loose my mind! Can't wait! Thanks for the heads up Velvet.
  16. Ah, that was great Giggles. You mustered up the same intense emotions I felt at the time...the complete and utter sadness of having to miss it.... (sigh) Thanks for taking me there anyway. Sounds like it was a blast, as always.
  17. Ms.Huxtable


    That Jimmy Swift Band was filth, flarn, filthy! Oh, what a good time. Is it just me or does life seem better with Tuesday shows? (I miss you nero). Hey Ranch Boy, it was nice to see you out again. Head pounding...need jello pudding......
  18. Ms.Huxtable


    Morning Velvet, YES! I did leave a special something there. Consider it yours my friend. Thanks for the hospitality! I love your chair despite the waffle impressions that now grace my backside. Gotta get me one of those.
  19. Where's Jimmy Swift Band from. Any chance of them not making it to tonight's show? If they're from Toronto they may need an army escort!
  20. Whew, Finally got this thing figured out! Well, I must say thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am happy to announce the blond will be arriving in style. See ya'll there, Sharin' in the groove....
  21. Hello All, I'll be at the show tonight. I could use a ride from Centre-ville though. Anyone out there that can help a pretty blond?
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