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  1. Awww, you're so sweet. Can't wait to see you.
  2. LOL. You got that right Davey. No one you know Pat. I met them on OM just before Christmas.
  3. Next Thursday May 26th at the Avant Garde. We're on from 9:00pm - 10:00pm. Band name is Dirty Little Secret. Come on out and say "Wow you're awesome Sharon!"
  4. Ms.Huxtable

    Pad Thai

    MMmmmm, that looks way better than the boring pad thai recipes I've seen. Good find.
  5. Ms.Huxtable


    Awesome burger of the future.
  6. Tasha you would LOVE Weeds. I love, love love it!!!
  7. vomit? I dunno, I had to throw that bikini bottom out immediately.
  8. I am assuming you can only "Like" it once. Is that true?
  9. Sisters and Soulive! Woot woot!
  10. I thought it was a bit uninspiring. Not one of the dishes blew me away or made me go "mmmm that looks good." (not even the winning one) the way the original TC does and they didn't even have limitations. Disappointing. Also, Loblaws is no Whole Foods. Dude couldn't even find venison. I can't stand Loblaws seafood and their packaged butchering is thin and weak. I actually saw a chef pick up pre-packaged pork. That might work at home, but on Top Chef??? I'm glad the judges weren't too nicey nice Canadian. They have some balls, but the comment "It could be vomit, it could be vomit." shows that even the judges need to get more creative. I'm totally going to watch it though.
  11. Holy crap that is so weird Jay. I saw a Flaming Fingers sign just today (I was in Toronto) and it stuck in my mind as well.
  12. I like morning wood.
  13. And now bacon cologne. VIDEO
  14. My band (Dirty Little Secret) tried our hand at a Black Dub tune last week. This is recorded right off the floor at practice, nothing pro about it, but here you go. Surely
  15. I have an inside scoop that JF will include: Elvis Costello KD Lang And Robert Plant Just sayin'
  16. Is a bacon wrapped hot dog really F&W worthy?
  17. I have a BRUTAL memory of Wasaga Beach from when I was 12 years old. Pseudo-kidnapping that ended in the cops finding me and driving me back to my uncles place where I was so relieved I vomited. Scary stuff.
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