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  1. I LOVE my kindle. The page is just like reading a traditional book. I can read for hours without eye strain. I am a technological idiot, so for me, ordering books and having them appear instantaneously on my Kindle is awesome.
  2. I am taking a client to lunch tomorrow. She is gluten free and I am cleansing. Where should we go???
  3. Jeez, that list looks identical to what we leave plugged in (I think we have even more electronics, look who I'm married to). It certainly makes me think we need to change that. Thanks Davey.
  4. CEO of Groupon Defends Superbowl ads.
  5. Ms.Huxtable


    Great read Velvet, but I'm curious, do they label the breakfast "pretty damn excellent free breakfast" or is that your tag?
  6. I love the reccommendation to cook the chili at least a day in advance of serving.
  7. YES! I love both Party of One and Wall of Fire. They both get a listen at least once a month for me. I am thrilled to have some new Elkas!!!
  8. Wow. Look up bouchey, not even way up, just up.
  9. That's my beef with Netflix as well Ollie. Everytime I want to watch something I have to scan hundreds of options. I wish they had a favorites list that I could add to as I see stuff.
  10. How to Build and Edible Stadium.
  11. This would be cool to try. Mushroom growing kits.
  12. and also: Horses With Hands Riding Bikes.
  13. I stumbled upon these great time wasters:
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    Scotch Whiskey in a Can
  15. Related vid from Huffington Post
  16. Poor guy, that looked painful even for a younger person. Get well soon JB.
  17. I have a close family member who is a police officer and the stories he tells would scare the living daylights out of you. I'd definitely be running away those scenes and he runs into them. Aside from the stuff he has had to deal with mentally from the disgusting things he's seen, he's also had three significant injuries: from a car accident; from breaking up a fight and from taking down an aggressive freak (which happens all the time but he doesn't always get hurt). That dangerous and mostly thankless job is worth every dime he gets paid and every respect we can give him. It's also cool when he shows up on Christmas day in his uniform. ;o)
  18. Ideal Coffee on Dalhousie roasts their own beans as well. That place smells like heaven.
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