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  1. RayRay

    CN Tower climb

    Good luck, I did it last year in just over 22 minutes. It looks way worse then it really is, it will be over before you know it.
  2. Oh, looks like another excuse for a Guelph road trip, I fucking love that town.
  3. Good tunes, good people, great Sweet Tarts! A very dancable show with cool lights and a high energy crowd = exactly what I needed.
  4. Picked up the tickets, let the games begin.
  5. Bokonon, I posted a copy of that letter up on the Gynecology floor I work on, it went over really well. Thanks for posting it.
  6. This has got some potential in it for me, we should talk Edger.
  7. I loved them when they played the Casbah last time with Greg Keelor. Thanks for bringing them back.
  8. I totally loved it, some of those grandma's could boogie.
  9. Good times last night at the show. Thank you NewRider for helping to make the evening what it was.
  10. Good Luck tomorrow! I'm sure you will win them over.
  11. Wassink and I are planning on hitting up this show. Does anyone know what time the opener is starting?
  12. Shift gone......party beginning. See you tonight pretty lady.
  13. Happy Birthday to my absolute favoritest Wassink in the whole world! I am currently trying to weasel my way out of my shift to hang out with you tonight, but if not I hope you have a wicked super kick ass birthday, and I will catch up with you tomorrow in the all too critical recovery phase of your birthday! I love you beaucoup!
  14. I am enjoying the rest of my visit to PEI and probably watching at least part of the Masters.
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