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  1. if HST had done a third of the deviant activities he claimed, then i'm sure he wore out all his parts, and maybe faced with the slow downhill slide of things failing him, elected to make a quick end of things by gunshot. and what better way to finish it all then to have his earthly remains scattered all over owl farm by cannon? i don't think he thought of the other people in his life though...i'm not sure i would have wanted to be the one to discover the body. as someone else on a HST thread opined, gunshots are a messy way to go. there's a lot of blood and sh!t. you'd think that someone who has done every pharmaceutical known to science would have sussed out the right combination to take him out quietly, but i suppose that was his whole point. and as has been pointed out endlessly, if you want his books get them now before the commemmorative double price editions come out. rant> timouse
  2. okay, i did NOT need to read that. i have jokingly been telling friends that indeed the evangelicals were on to something, that god wanted dumbya in power in order to hasten the End Of Days. but i never expected that this was a serious point of view within shrub's Base of Power. Arrrrgh! i'm going over to ebay to bid on a sub-etha thumb.... a somewhat slightly more distrught than before timouse the godly must be crazy
  3. oooooh...the island is lovely. looking forward to living vicariously through you
  4. thank you for coming out & taping! i have listened to both the diesel dog and harvard mouse sets from cafe deckuf and they are sweet. the sound is amazing, i have never heard my mistakes with such fidelity before! (~) you seem very well thought of around here, i am beginning to see why. you have a knack for capturing music...i'm sorry that we didn't get much of a chance to speak, i look forward to crossing paths in meatspace again. thank you again... timouse ps you're officially invited to be a member of the harvard mouse club! no genetic modification required.... *grin*
  5. definitely knowing the words. time for the men in black memory eraser. please look in to the light... ~whzzzzzzzap~!
  6. ok. that's the coolest thing i've read in a long while! three cheers for the MAPS people for being out there championing psychedelic research. best line in the whole article... "In the past couple of years their efforts have begun to pay off. Doblin is optimistic that psychedelic research is back for good, and this time it will do things right. "This gives us the chance to show that we have learned our lessons," he says. Halpern, too, is anxious to lay to rest the ghost of Leary. "That man screwed it up for so many people," he says." reminds me of a comment that (i think) phil made in an interview to the effect that had leary kept it under his hat the prices would be way more reasonable not to attract flames from the pro-tim leary camp, but i don't think that turning everyone on is the answer, and that seems to have been how his message was perceived. in any case, nice find paisley! great reading! timouse
  7. all right bokonon! ( i think?) you sound pretty stoked to go. where in BC are you headed? i ask as BC is the current fantasy eventual destination of at least 50% of Harvard Mouse
  8. timouse

    Google fight

    buddha handily beat jeebus. http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=jeebus&word2=buddha
  9. split. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ mmmmm....banana split.....
  10. i got the freedom to read package mailed to my home as my wife, niffermouse, had an illustration in the print package for "freedom to read week" this year (i looked for it on line but couldn't find it). I glossed through it in print, but just now had a full look at the list of "challenged" books. jesus. harry potter? and not to slam the fine folks in rural canada, but it appears that an inordinate number of complaints were generated by Conservative MLA's from tiny towns. Hmmm... 3 cheers for the freedom to read people, enjoy a chalenged book today! timouse
  11. hmmmm....mark tonin, your teacher side shows through again! *grin* belated congrats secondtube...i have a toaster still in the box from my wedding, i'd happily send it to ya! cheers timouse
  12. so same sex couples can cross-insure one another? if they are not recognized as a couple though, can the state step in and claim the insurance payout? i had sort of understood that that was the issue...without explicit legal documentation, the same sex spouse could be denied access to their SO''s estate. interesting.... timouse
  13. what a very tricky balance. the Wobblies and the IWW in the 30's totally changed working conditions, but 70 years later on union manufacturing shops are largely inefficient and full of people who do the minimum required. as far as wal-mart goes, or any other service/retail sector gig goes, go union! so many big companies will keep people working just under the fiull time threshold to avoid paying benefits. i will not shop at wal mart unless trhere is no alternative. i think niffermouse and i have been there 2x in the last year. fight the giant corporations.Don't Give Them Your Money! timouse (with thanks to jello biafra & utah phillips)
  14. hey dr evil! you're here too! deb finally got you hooked? maybe modst mouse and harvard mouse should play a double bill.... timouse
  15. thank you all you fine ottawa folks, and particularly dr huxtable and bouche for the hospitality! can't wait to come back! tim mouse
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