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  1. Needed a place to post this. Probably works :chug:
  2. While it was our mum who paid for the trip, our dad brought us to Munich in May for the day of our lives. Some problems happened between mum and dad over the last month. Mum decided on a divorce, and chose to marry a guy in the past who had insulted our family. He called our family plastic and called us plastic kids. We love mum, she is the one who gave us what we have, but she made a bad choice. We love our family, but we hate our step-dad, and now he is the head of the family. We want our family to do well, but we want our step-dad to do badly. So what can we do? We jeer him every time he tries to bring us out. We want our mum to see sense. We want our dad back.
  3. Peelers on the 44th floor!!
  4. Is this their new center mid?
  5. Vodkov. 3 year deal!! Can't wait to see him setting up P.K. on the reg
  6. Check out this Simmons article. Good read. Proud to be an NHL front-runner
  7. Whatever Julien.. Good try!! Laps gesture mockery to the game! I guess the F bomb is all good. :surprise:
  8. Barca are a great team but sure are hard to like with all of the feigning injuries and crying and then come back on running at full speed.
  9. Come on you fucking [color:red]Habs!!
  10. All right, let's get it on fuckers!!
  11. Washington in 6 Philly in 7 Montreal in 7 Pitt in 6 Vancouver in 6 SJ in 5 Detroit in 6 Anaheim in 5
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