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  1. Freak By Night

    Ottawa Jazz Festival

    Confederation Park will be closed because of major sewer construction going on underneath it. https://ottawa.ca/en/node/1029811 Suck up the juice, indeed!
  2. Freak By Night

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Well ticketmaster has sunk to a new low. $20 extra for an aisle seat in the lower levels.
  3. Freak By Night

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Anyone heading to this Outlaw Music Festival with the likes of TTB, Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson? In Toronto Sunday September 9th, tix on sale today. I'm in! Outlaw Music Festival
  4. Freak By Night

    Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival 2018 - Free Shows!

    Too bad this thing always conflicts with the Jazzfest. But you can't argue with FREE!
  5. Freak By Night

    Epic Covers

  6. Freak By Night

    Forums have been moved - finally

    Thank Mike.
  7. Freak By Night

    Ottawa Jazz Festival

    Not too shabby!
  8. Freak By Night

    Peach Music Festival Initial Line-up Announced

    Little Feat and Michael "How ya feelin'?" Franti added to the lineup today. Umph was added a few weeks ago. Really looking forward to this one!
  9. Freak By Night


    I got through at 12:00:01 and GC tix were "unavailable". Tried several times, eventually I was able to select 1, but it failed to load into my cart. I guess I shouldn't have been on here telling everyone how awesome it is! GA for me too. See you all there. This is going to be fun fun fun!
  10. Freak By Night

    Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread

    I doubt they'd be playing at the same time. If so, it would be a serious programming blunder.
  11. Freak By Night


    I did the glen close camping last time and it was worth every penny for the flush toilets and better showers. It can really eliminate a lot of walking, however, as my friends were in the regular camping areas, I ended up walking great distances all weekend anyway. (Sensible shoes are a must) Other considerations are more shade trees and generally quieter at night. All that said, these passes sell out quickly, I'll get regular camping passes if I can't get the glen close.
  12. Freak By Night


    See y'all there! http://curveball.phish.com/
  13. Freak By Night

    Paul Simon Farewell Tour

    Ha Ha, we've hi-jacked the Paul Simon thread into a Phish thread. I'll get in touch with you when I figure out what I'm gonna do.
  14. Freak By Night

    Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread

    I bought a pass for the whole thing this year. First time I've done that since 2013.
  15. Freak By Night

    Paul Simon Farewell Tour

    By the time I got through, all I could get were lawns so I didn't bother. I don't want to drive all that way to sit on the lawn (although I have done that before). Not this time. Fingers crossed for a Watkins Glen fest!