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  1. The "Overflow Brewing Company" is in the Alta Vista area. I've never been there but they have live bands every weekend. Maybe not now with COVID-19. But probably worth checking out if/when the pandemic is over. Not to be sarcastic, but do your friends not have internet access? They've never used google? Google searches for "live music venues or other cool things in the alta vista area" or "weekly or monthly jams or open mics or bands in the Ottawa area". will return enough results to keep them occupied for awhile.
  2. I'll be there. Thanks for finding out the pre-sale code.
  3. Coming back in April! Woohoo! https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/king-gizzard-lizard-wizard-2020-spring-dates/
  4. Good times in Buffalo Saturday night. My first time at the Town Ballroom. This is a fantastic venue for a concert. I'll be back for sure. Jim was awesome on the xylophone and it's the first time I've seen electronic percussion as part of his repertoire. A nice addition. We went to Nietzsche's afterwards to catch the 2nd set of Goose. That band is a lot of fun too. Gotta get me some more moe. Thinking of Burlington VT over the holidays.
  5. Who's in for next year? Tickets went on sale yesterday. They moved the date up to the 1st weekend in July. I'll be there again in 2020!
  6. Agreed Booche.That Althea was great! Watching the webcast is awesome, but to truly simulate attending the Peach Festival, I recommend walking uphill all weekend and paying twice as much as you would expect for food.
  7. A sizable contingent from Ottawa will be there. This is going to be fun! The weather looks promising for sure.
  8. Groupon has substantial discounts available for this thing. Don't pay full price!
  9. Geddy did an hour-long interview with CBC Radio host Alan Neal. The place was almost entirely full of Rush geeks of all ages. Geddy's hilarious stories were mostly about the interviews he did with other notable bass players when he put together his book, and also about the bass players and music that influenced his playing. He had a funny Jewish mother joke (not the 1st time I've heard him tell it) which earned a round of applause! After a handful of questions from audience members, all attendees bought the book lined up to get it autographed and to bask in his glow for 15-20 seconds.
  10. IN. See y'all there! (in Montreal)
  11. My thoughts exactly edger! Won't be able to fit in this moe show because of peach. Hopefully they get added to the Peach Fest lineup later.
  12. Wow. I said that almost 8 years ago, and followed through on none of it! I go to more high-priced shows than ever, and pretty much all of the bands I like are still on the road.
  13. I'd go, but I already have plans to attend a Phish concert in the former murder capital of the USA. Love the Stones, but I love Phish more!
  14. Same thing with me Booche - got duped into buying a pair of lawns when I thought I was getting pits. Thankfully I have two friends willing to buy my lawn tickets. I'll sit with a friend who scored lower 300s in the Phish mail order. Gold!
  15. I wonder if "TED-style talks" is code for brown acid?
  16. If they really wanted recreate the Woodstock experience, they should encourage everyone to come naked!
  17. Several of these locations are quite drive-able from Ottawa: Mar 28, 2019 | Torrington, CT @ Warner Theatre Mar 29, 2019 | Plymouth, NH @ Flying Monkey PAC Mar 30, 2019 | Plattsburgh, NY @ The Strand Theater Apr 4, 2019 | Huntington, NY @ The Paramount Apr 5, 2019 | Stowe, VT @ Spruce Peak PAC Apr 6, 2019 | Staten Island, NY @ St. George Theatre Apr 11, 2019 | Homer, NY @ Center for the Arts Apr 12, 2019 | Newton, NJ @ Newton Theater Apr 13, 2019 | Beverly, MA @ Cabot Theater Jun 29, 2019 | New Martinsville, WV @ Back Home Festival Sep 1, 2019 | Lakeville, PA @ Cove Haven Southern Rock Festival
  18. Yes, it was just a 3 piece band (including Tara). Guitar, bass drums.
  19. I'm disappointed that I jumped on these tickets immediately when they went on sale. That was highly unnecessary, as tickets for decent seats could have been purchased for as little as 10 bucks on the day of the show. Lesson learned. No matter now. I still enjoyed myself. We arrived early well before Tara Lightfoot's 3 piece band took the stage. She's a solid guitar rocker and I enjoyed the short late afternoon set. Sturgill Simpson, I've heard, is a country musician. Or is he? He certainly did not sound very country. This was loud, guitar-driven, heavy jam/blues rock. I wasn't surprised though, as I'd seen this band at the Bluesfest almost 2 months ago. Highly recommended. The Teseschi Trucks band never fails to get me up dancing. This caused some conflict with the people behind us. My brother, my friend, and I all got up to dance for some grooving songs. The folks behind us preferred to sit on their hands. After a couple of songs, some handfuls of popcorn were thrown at us. Then the shouting started. I'm pretty easy going, I don't want to piss anyone off, so I sat down. My buddy continued to exercise his right to dance and the situation escalated. Security was having none of this. They re-located the complainers temporarily to some empty seats a couple of rows in front of us. I've been to concerts all over North America, and I must say Toronto music fans are the least lively. Doesn't matter who the performer is, just sit down and don't move! Willie Nelson & Family played an hour long set of country favorites. A true legend! I cant' expand much on edger's comments, but it was strange how the house lights came on exactly at 10:45 pm, even before the final notes of Willie's set had been played! It was like they wanted everyone out of there as soon as possible. I totally enjoyed all the acts and had a fun time on a chilly, blustery Sunday night on the shore of Lake Ontario.
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