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  1. In my long life, one of the best gifts was a 15 disc set that the Rat from Cali sent me straight up, could u imagine a 3 day Phish show when you had never seen the band? Yeah, so after that weekend I had seen quite a few shows but let me go back... because that weekend I think they just played for hours at a time, at an Airforce base in Limesone Maine, where jets should have been flyin' ....all of a sudden the runway was overun with hippies and nitrous tanks, and there was no stoppin' them, we might have been 70.000 strong at the time, why would you sacrifice your spirit? Or what you are doing at the time? Yeah!! So...I just thought I would do the 2 things I do best 1. Get Drunk 2. Enjoy the Scene ......So as I stumbled down the Runway (it was long) I managed to accomplish #2. THEN you wake up and they play for 8 hours or something like that..Posting papers on the board "Where is Booche?" , not that you could find a happy hippie in the masses, but the rest of the gang partied on between the 2 campsites and memories were made, and apparently the music was good...and as Tom and I drove home straight listening to Radiohead , it occurred to me that this was a major musical/social event, not only in my life, but in others as well. SO lets honour the 15 disc recording, A FuLL Listening Of the Lemonwheel Catalogue is in order! Details to Follow! So http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemonwheel
  2. I rarely log in but I have to say every minute of the Crowes was pure gold for me , I mean how good are they, like fuck, they are a polished band probably in their pure prime, every song sounds like rock and roll. I guess I am a fan but if you happened on the other stage (I heard it was awesome by many people) and missed the 15 minute Thorn In My Pride I am sorry. Where as the Panic having the chance to win new fans 4 nights previous couldn't draw the people because they lacked the requisite 2 radio hits, the Crowes drew over 20,000 for She Talks To Angels (which wasn't played) but introduced the 18,000 that weren't at the Congress Centre to REAL music, real blues, real rock, unlike the 60% of new wave, old wave, bad wave headline acts that fill up the schedule based on notoriety. Very memorable for me tonight , can't wait to see those guys again . Love you all... Peace Out
  3. wow ollie, those are some good pics
  4. Great pics and all I can say is the show sent me away happy, with that much bass, I am sure you were all feeling the same way. That moog synthesizer sound (big bass keyboard) is my favourite sound in music. WOW good stuff
  5. I think they played The Road off The Conch , although I was the same guy spreading the rumour they were doing a Midnight Set at Mavericks, maybe both were in my dreams but Wind It Up was defintely my highlight, Hope to get to moe.down for the first time this year ps. I am pretty sure they did The Road
  6. Is there really anything better than getting drunk by yourself and listening to obscure Neil Young songs on vinyl. I think not. So name your favourite Neil song that other people may not know, after all he is moving on 20+ albums. Live songs and covers qualify.
  7. Did not read the whole thread but I know the story....giggidy goo...the thought of Peter Griffin having an afair with Andre and their voices amalgamating is too good not to post. Thank god for comedy.
  8. [color:orange] Must be good news. Congrats to jambands.ca for bringing The Slip to the populace. The music is WAY too good to ignore. The CD will surely sell, looking forward to the new stuff. MONTREAL!!
  9. darth_taiter

    band names

    For Booche and Davey: Beckhams Bust Lampards Forest of Mist Take it
  10. [color:brown] I can't stay much longer, Melinda The sun is getting high I can't help you with your troubles If you won't help with mine I gotta get down I gotta get down Got to get down to the mine You keep me up just one more night I can't sleep here no more Little Ben clock says quarter to eight You kept me up till four I gotta get down I gotta get down Or I can't work there no more Lotta poor man make a five dollar bill Keep him happy all the time Some other fellow making nothing at all And you can hear him cryin... "Can I go buddy Can I go down Take your shift at the mine?" Got to get down to the Cumberland mine That's where I mainly spend my time Make good money/five dollars a day Made any more I might move away - Lotta poor man got the Cumberland Blues He can't win for losin Lotta poor man got to walk the line Just to pay his union dues I don't know now I just don't know If I'm goin back again I don't know now I just don't know If I'm goin back again
  11. and here's to 500 more! I keep listening to Wiser Time and My Morning Song, GREAT guitar
  12. Have some Ottawa clan, appeciating the recording vibes... sound is pretty good, maybe 4 of 5 stars.
  13. How about Avril "Losing Grip" Honestly just listen to that song. And for the that top 100 I can't believe there would not be more Hip tunes in there, give me a break. But I am happy with my post, for some reason I had no idea who Ian & Sylvia were but now I do. Go Canada, christ what am I doing it's not even close to Canada Day yet. I should make a point to be at that place next year.
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