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  1. Personally I usually reference Murray Head when I'm talking megaphones, but Phish is good too.
  2. Hey . . . If there is a physical problem with the drive the first thing you might want to try is putting it in the freezer overnight. Connect it in the morning and see if you can get any of the data off. You'll have a limited amount of time before it heats up again, so hurry. If the problem is logical and not physical, or logical caused by physical, you can try using a data recovery program yourself. PM me and I'll hook you up with one. In both cases you will need a destination to copy the recovered data to, so make sure you have one of those first.
  3. It may not be your hard drive or the controller on the motherboard. The chirping could easily be the fan on your processor and could be a sound you just never noticed before. Usually bad hard drives make more of a "ticking" sound. Most motherboards go through a POST which is a test of various things before boot. Most will result in some sort of error rather than a freeze if it is the hard drive. I do this all day every day. I replaced two bad hard drives this week already, so I'm not ruling this out, but your situation is a little weird. Even if the POST didn't report a failure, you'd probably get an "Insert proper boot device" error if it was just the hard drive. Has the computer been completely powered off? Not just turned off. I mean unplugged from the wall or had the switch on the back of the power supply (not all power supplies have these switches, so don't worry if yours doesn't) turned off for over a minute? Sometimes motherboards need to be completely powered down after a power spike. Hope that helps.
  4. - Symptom: Random, unfamiliar and often obscure literary and cultural references (Note: Put the world’s 10 most brilliant people in a room together and their scaffolds of knowledge will differ more than they overlap. Being brilliant, they will likely reference areas of commonality not divergence in order to foster clearer communication. I suppose a “Shock and Awe†campaign might be used by brilliant people, but to what end? What was that brilliant U.S. Commander in Chief’s name again?) - Symptom: Constantly making reference to, and ensuring recognition of, every reference that could possibly be considered complimentary to, or positively reflect upon, himself. Often inflating these complimentary statements to the level of “admirationâ€. -Symptom: Going to extremes in public places and virtual venues, like this message board, to be noticed. - Symptom: Extremely verbose responses to every mention of his name. Systematically absorbing, digesting and regurgitating every last bit of attention being offered. - Symptom: Comparing himself, or pouncing on every comparison made of himself, to real or fictitious characters. Characters whom he obviously respects and admires. Followed by his weakest arguments to-date attempting to prove the comparison inaccurate. An obvious and sophomoric attempt to appear unique and original, a quality he feels greatly admired amongst his audience, and therefore feels compelled to personify. Still, however, ensuring the comparison not be overlooked or missed by anyone in the “Villageâ€. I could go on, but even the most widely used diagnostic and statistical manual for the determination of mental illness requires fewer than five symptoms to meet the criteria for most conditions. Therefore, this should be adequate to prove my point unequivocally. What that “point†is, I leave for the reader to decide. I wouldn’t want to insult anyone.
  5. Nice poem. Says a lot. Losing pets totally sucks . . . but 14 years isn't too bad at all. There is an age in every creatures life where we must admit to ourselves "Thank you for today, but tomorrow is statistically unlikley". 14 is very close to that for a cat, even more so if they spend time outside. It was a timely death, it was a natural death and, after being reborn with Velvet, he certainly lived a full and loved life. Goodbye Mr. Hoch . . . a great cat and friend.
  6. This is never easy. He was treated well and lived a good life. I remember years ago attending a benefit to cure his urinary tract infection. Cats are cool by species, Studebacher was cooler than most . . . that made him hella-cool by any standard. He'll be missed by all who knew him.
  7. Hi there . . . just wondering where the What's On Tonight section of this Jam Band board might be. I am wondering what jam bands are playing tonight, so I logged on to this web site to find out. Y'know, 'cause I'm a Canadian looking for Jam Bands and this is jambands.CA If someone could just point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  8. Hey shitidiot . . . go fuck yourself. These guys ARE cowards if they don't defend themselves after making comments like that. That's hardly name calling compared to you calling me a 12 year old. I'm done replying to you because you really don't seem to think before you post. What are you even doing in this thread? You don't want to fight? . . . perfect, get the fuck out of here. This guy said something that offended me and others. You may be a passive chump, but I'm not. And Bouche, I see how you keep trying to smooth this over, but I'm sorry, someone makes an offensive public statement I believe they should be called on it IN PUBLIC. I don't see a point in going around in circles either, so this will be my last post until someone actually has a comment on what he said. I took this out of the original thread and made a separate one. This is not infringing on anyone elses time or space or taking away from any other subject matter. The name of this post clearly describes it. If it was of no interest to anyone on this board it would have dropped off the active topics list by now.
  9. Actually shitidiot, this thread is precisely the place to fight about it. That's why I started it. And yes StoneMtn, and guigsy, I too am wondering why these guys aren't stepping up in this thread or the original one. I simply made my original statement so there was no confusion about why I (and I believe StoneMtn now) was offended by the original comment, and to clarify what I believe to be the motives behind it. This board is here to amuse us all . . . it sure isn't my job. Discussion and debate, that's why we're here. I am glad if you are entertained by it, now if only the cowards would speak, I'd be entertained as well.
  10. I agree those are mean things as well, though I don't see how it is lower on some moral level as you put it. I encourage you to start another thread trying to get the dude who made that penis comment to defend himself. I know a few people with relatively small units and none of them are very violent.
  11. For the record, I myself am not a lawyer. Also, once engaged in a fight, regardless of how it began, the better person wins. If you can avoid a fight I agree with you, but sometimes you gotta call people out. Like mental midgets who spew stereotypical verbal diahrrea from their face holes. If you can win, you sure as hell wanna kick THAT guy's ass!
  12. Hey Bouche . . . For the record, most Newfoundlanders I know don't like Newfie jokes. They put up with them because they're so common and it's a pretty hard fight to begin. No one likes stereotype jokes about their culture, especially the degrading ones. In fairness, I see what you're getting at, but frankly it's just a nice thought and more an attempt at diplomacy than it is an actual defense.
  13. Yesterday, in another thread about a guy being beaten up by NYC police, MyOtherBrotherEsau posted the following comment: This comment, which had nothing to do with the thread intrigued me and made me curious. I also saw that StoneMtn asked MyOtherBrotherEsau three times to clarify. Although he was logged in for most of the day, he did not reply. As he would not explain his comment, I was left with no choice but to try to deconstruct his post by myself to try to understand it. I arrived at the following conclusions and principles: 1. As he quoted Deeps talking about penis sizes out of a much longer thread, I conclude that MyOtherBrotherEsau must view penis-size as a very important matter; and presumably thinks it is important to have a large penis. PRINCIPLE #1 2. Since we know that MyOtherBrotherEsau believes that it is important to have a large penis, and after quoting a comment about small penises suggested that the police with small penises must be or be related to lawyers, I conclude that MyOtherBrotherEsau believes that being a lawyer is such a great thing that it is a good way to compensate for having a small penis. PRINCIPLE #2 3. I then wondered why MyOtherBrotherEsau would have brought this topic up at all in a thread devoted to a completely different topic. The only logical conclusion is that this is a sore spot for him, so I conclude he must have wanted to become a lawyer, but for some reason was incapable; either due to being unable to qualify for university, law school, pass the LSAT, or some other reason. PRINCIPLE #3 Soooooo… in summary the following appear to be the thoughts of MyOtherBrotherEsau: 1. It is important to have a large penis. 2. Being a lawyer is a great thing, and is actually so great that becoming one can help one deal with other inadequacies. 3. MyOtherBrotherEsau wants to be a lawyer, but is incapable. That was fun! I may be wrong in my conclusions, though, so I welcome everyone to come up with their own theories on what MyOtherBrotherEsau could have meant, and please post them here. Maybe even MyOtherBrotherEsau, himself, is feeling more talkative today and would like to post something…
  14. If anyone ever needs used computer parts cheap, please PM me. I have hundreds lying around and that's not an exaggeration. If I can help someone out I will. Sometimes a piece of crap old hard drive is just what a piece of crap old computer needs to get it up and running again. Anything new is just a waste of time and money . . . So PM me if you need. I'm in Toronto.
  15. That comment about lawyers and relatives of lawyers may have been the stupidest thing I have ever heard someone say. I mean I have heard people say some pretty random and insulting things, but what the hell was that all about? Poor guy was beat up by some over-zealous cops and this guy starts off on some personal rant about lawyers? Yeah . . . too bad he got beat up he wasn't even a fag or a nigger. You moron.
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