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  1. Gr8FuL

    i-snort - virtual drug users please enter

    hahahahaha ZING is right
  2. Gr8FuL


    HAVINBEERS!! for the first time since oct.7th!!! when my daughter was born. MMMMM 12 will do no more 24's!! Cheers
  3. Gr8FuL

    What's Your Favorite Grateful Dead Song

    Can't come down
  4. Gr8FuL

    I'm Officially a DADDY!!!!!!!

    tried to post a pic doesn't seem to be working for me. maybe it'll work for you..... there'll be many more to come i'm sure. cheers folks
  5. Gr8FuL

    I'm Officially a DADDY!!!!!!!

    Hey folks been a while since i've been on. So hope you are all doing great. My girlfriend and i had our baby daughter,Addyson Marley, on oct 7th at 9:57 am. She was 7lbs and 20''. Beautiful and perfectly Healthy!! we are truly blessed.
  6. Gr8FuL

    QOTD - Dream Job

    my dream job woudl be to be a farmer..... never have to leave the country for anything....sicne moving out of the city 1 year ago.... i've got a major hate on for it.
  7. Gr8FuL

    Any "business" owners on here?

    WHAT???Since when? self employed all the way here too
  8. Gr8FuL

    Zeppelin in Toronto??

    Zeppelin @ my house this weekend....HAVINBEERS and GettinOn'Er
  9. Gr8FuL

    Jamhub.ca no more?

    Let the blood Puking from said asshole begin......
  10. Gr8FuL

    Jamhub.ca no more?

    I've never had an issue with Slowcoaster not keeping it Fresh..And i've been in the "scene" for YEARS, Hands down the best band in the east coast right now , tickets keep going up because the demand is there, and they Fill every venue to capacity they play at. I'de rather hear the same old sloco set for years straight than anything new(since birth) by GTB, there's a band i'de rather set fire to myself than listen to(their new stuff). Other than that i Agree with absolutely everything in your post.
  11. Gr8FuL

    NKOTB MuthaFuggas!!

    this is a joke right?
  12. Gr8FuL

    Foods for traveling!

    Love SAMMICHES for any trip...any kind, very partial to Roasted shaved turkey breast with regular old mayo, lettuce and some old cheddar, lots of pepper. Also Trail mix, love the stuff the more fruit the better. And watermelon...i never go on any camping or outdoor weekend without one...best hangover cure out there...and tasty
  13. Gr8FuL

    QOTD: Usernames..

    I had a 78 Westy with "GR8FL" on it. I miss mine too "GR8FL" is on my totally cool Olds Silhouette minivan now At least it's got a SYF on the side window Man thats crazy....whatta coincendence jaja all my rides always have a SYF somewhere on em, it5s my pull me over sticker of choice!! I sold mine to a good buddy of mine, it only had 96,000km' roughly and it was mint, bright orange with black and white chekcered floor, Pop Top, never ever even seen a flak e of snow. bought it off an old man who used it once a year fora fishing trip- and stored it therest of the time. The license plate stayed witrh the bus though, it was only right!! haha atleast i still get to cruise in it and drive it on occasion...makes it not hurt so bad hahah
  14. Gr8FuL

    What are you listening to right now?

    Listen'n to this....Non stop This album is EXCELLENT, every single track. Iat first i was kinda apprehensive about it, thinking"what is blind melon w/o Shannon?" but WOW this new guy is unbelievable and with the rest of the melon boys backing him they've manged to put out a top notch new album!! i'm hopin for some canadian tour dates soon!! Get this album you won't be disappointed!! cheers
  15. Gr8FuL

    Crossing the border into Mexico?

    No problems what soever when we crossed and if anyone was gonna have a problem it would've been us, 4 dudes, in a Orange VW bus withthe license plate Gr8ful, wearing tie dyes.... let us right through basically no issues that was in 2001 though