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  1. I’m assuming Velvet won’t mind if I copy what he just posted on Facebook:


    Attention friends of Bradm:

    On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 @ 5pm there will be a memorial picture hanging at Irene’s Pub followed by a toast to our departed friend.  Brad's mother and brother will be coming to Ottawa to attend and it would be great to see a lot of Brad's friends out for this.

    See you all there!


  2. 17 hours ago, PassedOutGuy said:

    Mars Hotel have backed out of the festival, They arent sure its even going to go on with the way the promoters have treated them.

    Original Woodstock lineup, with Woodstock 50 stability. Full marks for inter-generational authenticity. 

  3. Intimate is right. There were a few components to it: a little but of live footage (though not much), a good chunk of studio and rehearsal footage with various collaborators, and then a series of one-on-one chats between Trey and his family / friends / band mates. Very much a portrait of where he is at now and how all of these relationships helped shape him and continue to be so important to him. It was touching, really. A few lighthearted moments as well. 

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