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  1. There’s also a free Lockn webcast all weekend: https://relix.com/news/detail/watch-now-the-relix-channel-announces-free-lockn-livestream/
  2. Loved it, warts and all. Rachel price is such a bad ass.
  3. Are those two separate requests?
  4. Original Woodstock lineup, with Woodstock 50 stability. Full marks for inter-generational authenticity.
  5. I’m just happy to see Boyd Tinsley still getting work.
  6. Also, I hadn't listened to the Ghosts of the Forest album before yesterday, but I'm really digging it now.
  7. Fish came off exactly the same as he did in Bittersweet Motel, and I mean that in the best way.
  8. Intimate is right. There were a few components to it: a little but of live footage (though not much), a good chunk of studio and rehearsal footage with various collaborators, and then a series of one-on-one chats between Trey and his family / friends / band mates. Very much a portrait of where he is at now and how all of these relationships helped shape him and continue to be so important to him. It was touching, really. A few lighthearted moments as well.
  9. Tomorrow night! (And by "tomorrow" I mean Wednesday.) It's playing at 6:45 and 9:05 at South Keys here in Ottawa. I'll be at the 6:45 show.
  10. Link to the audio from yesterday’s Yonder show. Ben’s words about Jeff are at the end of “High on a Hilltop”: https://archive.org/details/ymsb2019-06-22.koto.org.128kbps.digihoarders
  11. Yonder played the main stage at Telluride yesterday. They played “Half Moon Rising,” which was the first song on their first album and went out of rotation when Jeff left the band. Here’s what a tearful Ben Kaufmann said when introducing it:
  12. Now there’s a post attributed to him on his official FB page saying he has to cancel upcoming tour dates because of a “medical emergency.” Whatever’s going on, it’s not good.
  13. Lots of rumours flying around this morning that Jeff Austin, former mandolin player and frontman of Yonder Mountain String Band, took his own life last night. No confirmation either way at this point, but the longer his camp is silent, the worse it looks. Sending thoughts to everyone close to him. Edit: I changed the title of the thread to reflect that he has not passed away.
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