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  1. DMB was dope. The horns were super tight, and the new keyboard player (Buddy Strong) pushes things to a different level. And Carter Beauford alone was worth the price of admission. Great times. I have a pass for tonight so I think I’m going to go for Eat a Peach and maybe some of Blue Rodeo.
  2. So. Effing. Good. Just a legit full-throttle rock and roll show from the get-go. Nice to hear the local shoutouts to Alanis, too. I’d wondered if they were going to say anything.
  3. Tonight is sold out. Don't think I've ever heard of night of Bluesfest selling out before.
  4. Nice! Glad to hear it. It was pretty disappointing to see their set cut short last year. Pretty great that they're back for a double-shot this time around.
  5. I caught their rain-shortened set at Bluesfest last year and was duly impressed. They're back this Thursday for a Bluesfest set at 8:00, followed by a full two-set show at the 27 Club starting at 11:00. Boo ya!
  6. Yes brah! Can't wait. Also a reminder that the ABB tribute Eat a Peach is Thursday. After their Bluesfest set they're playing a proper two-set show at the 27 Club. I'm going to give that its own thread, just in case potentially interested parties aren't opening this thread out of fear of Bryan Adams recaps and lawn chair soliloquies.
  7. Cool Citizen article about the history of the festival: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/the-story-of-bluesfest-how-a-small-little-ottawa-music-show-became-a-juggernaut?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1530623150 Monahan calls the turnout for Furthur in 2019 “a disaster.” Thanks for nothing, hippies.
  8. I have nothing to add, but the festival starts this week and this thread belongs on the main page so deal with it.
  9. St. Germain had to cancel his tour. Bummer.
  10. Hartamophone

    Epic Covers

    Jesus that was nice, Booche. Don’t think I’ve ever heard that one without even an attempt at the outro - it was such an abrupt end as to be almost jarring. That’s a stellar version of a big song.
  11. Pretty psyched for this. They've been one of my favourite "new" bands of the past couple of years, but I was out of town when they played Cityfolk last year. Sept. 14th - Frederiction - Harvest Jazz & Blues Sept. 18th - Quebec City - L'Imperial Sept. 19th - Ottawa - Bronson Centre http://www.nathanielrateliff.com/tour/
  12. a l l i e – Nightshade Alvvays – Antisocialites Arcade Fire – Everything Now Bahamas – Earthtones The Barr Brothers – Queens of the Breakers Bernice – Puff LP: In the air without a shape Jean-Michel Blais – Dans ma main Bonjay – Lush Life Booji Boys – Weekend Rocker Philippe Brach – Le silence des troupeaux Cadence Weapon – Cadence Weapon Daniel Caesar – Freudian Jennifer Castle – Angels of Death Clairmont The Second – Lil Mont from The Ave Gord Downie – Introduce Yerself Jeremy Dutcher – Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa Faith Healer – Try ? FRIGS – Basic Behaviour Zaki Ibrahim – The Secret Life of Planets Iskwé – The Fight Within Kacy & Clayton – The Siren’s Song Lydia Képinski – Premier Juin Pierre Kwenders – MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time Pierre Lapointe – La science du coeur Mélissa Laveaux – Radyo Siwèl Hubert Lenoir – Darlène Terra Lightfoot – New Mistakes Loud – Une année record Milk & Bone – Deception Bay Partner – In Search Of Lost Time Propagandhi – Victory Lap Vivek Shraya & Queer Songbook Orchestra – Part-Time Woman Sloan – 12 Snotty Nose Rez Kids – The Average Savage U.S. Girls – In A Poem Unlimited The Weather Station – The Weather Station Weaves – Wide Open Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman Donovan Woods – Both Ways YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN – Dirt https://polarismusicprize.ca/blog/2018-polaris-music-prize-long-list-is-here/
  13. Main stage went up today. It is in the northwest corner of the plaza (think closest to the Elgin / Laurier intersection) facing diagonally towards the southeast corner.
  14. This week! Surprisingly (to me, at least) there are tons of face-or-less tickets for Montreal on the secondary market. I think my wife and I might do a down-and -back after work on Wednesday.
  15. I’m just getting into these guys now. Way late to the party, for sure. But I’m diggin’ ‘em.
  16. Worked fine for me. Thanks, as always, for keeping coal in the boilers.
  17. I went with m’lady and seemingly all of my friends from Ottawa. I think there was an opener.
  18. No. But their left-handed “Paul” playing a Hofner doesn’t hurt.
  19. This sort of thing has “Truro” written all over it. Then again, a smaller market might have more per capita interest, but would it have the sheer numbers to support it? Also, from a quick look it appears that all of the acts are represented by the same agency. I’m not sure what that means, if anything, but I found it interesting. The company has a huuuuuuuuge roster of tribute acts: Booking House Inc.
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