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  1. They still haven't uploaded the site map to their website, sooooo question for you (or anyone else who has seen one): Which way does the main stage face? Is it set up at the Canal end of Marion Dewar Plaza, facing west? Or will it be set up closer to the courthouse and face east? I've seen both configurations for concerts on that lawn, and the location of the stage will likely impact my ticket buying.
  2. From what I’ve read it’s no big surprise that the Leshes weren’t on board with this. Should be an interesting book, if a little gossipy. I’ll be sure to listen to some hetty JRAD while I read it. *wink emoji to show how clever I am*
  3. For those of you on Instagram, Chris Murphy is a pretty good follow. Lots of Sloan content, backstage stuff, and throwback pics, and he has a solid sense of humour. @sloandude
  4. Given that my office overlooks the plaza in front of City Hall, this could be a very good thing. For me.
  5. Is that a twenty dollar extra service charge, or twenty dollar extra face value of the ticket? Because TM would be responsible for the former but not the latter.
  6. I saw the first few minutes of Eat a Peach last year, before they got rained out. They do the Allmans pretty doggone well.
  7. Yeah, he circled back to it throughout. It’s a pesky distraction but not enough to ruin the book. Plus it’s really clear that he wrote the book himself without a ghostwriter (at least it sure seems that way) which is refreshing. And no, Pono didn’t last: https://www.cnet.com/news/pono-is-probably-dead-long-live-xstream/
  8. Well played. (But seriously, I’d go.)
  9. Ya mean the three-hundred page ad for Pono? Kidding! Kind of. I did like the book, though. And for some reason I keep it on a shelf in my office surrounded by legal texts. Trying to keep it real, I guess.
  10. Good of you to keep this place up and running. It is not taken for granted. Aloha.
  11. June 21st - 24th at Mooney’s Bay. Headliners are Sam Roberts Band, Broken Social Scene, Wintersleep, and Matt Mays. Pretty stacked lineup as far as these things go. I’ll be at Matt Mays for sure, and maybe one other night as well. http://www.dragonboat.net/news/031918-2018-concert-lineup.aspx
  12. St. Germain has been added! Not sure what kind of show he puts on, but his records are super rad, so hopefully it will be a fun night.
  13. And a killer set at Cityfolk last year. This is a great lineup.
  14. Hell of a way to start a show. This was when their first attempt at playing Red Rocks last year had to get moved indoors on account of weather.
  15. Agreed on both counts, although I’d have rather heard The Maker with Trey than without. Pretty sure I saw him play it with Emmylou Harris once and it was tasty.
  16. Trey sat in for all of set two. I’ve listened to bits and pieces and can’t say it all sounds great, but it’s always fun to see any combination of these three guys making music together. God bless ‘em.
  17. Yeah. So apparently he told that story in a clip that’s already in this thread. Also apparently it was South America, not Australia. Swing and a miss.
  18. You probably know this, but when he asked them to play his first show back after his heart attack they left Australia in the middle of a tour (and cancelled their remaining dates) to fly to New York and play the show.
  19. I say DMB is worth it, even if you’re not a fan. Like c-towns said, Carter is an absolute monster behind the kit. Their sax player is Jeff Coffin, formerly of The Flecktones, who is super good and adds quite a bit. Having said that, I think the band is too big (too many members, not too popular). Having a full time trumpet player in addition to the sax is unnecessary, imo. And while Tim Reynolds is a killer player, I don’t think his electric noodling on every song is the best fit. It can all end up sounding a little cluttered. That said, they’re all solid musicians and even though I haven’t seen them in a decade, I never found myself bored or disappointed at a show.
  20. Just announced their very own Camp Greensky festival for May 31st - June 2nd in Michigan. Hell of a lineup: Greensky Bluegrass x3 Jeff Tweedy Mike Gordon Trampled By Turtles Billy Strings Fruition Rayland Baxter Joshua Davis Chris Jacobs Band
  21. Pretty cool that they’re headlining Red Rocks.
  22. It was out of nowhere. The band had played once in the last year, and then a day or two before their first gig back he quit, saying he needed to take time off the road, be with his family, etc. It was pretty weird how it played out, and there are plenty of nefarious rumours floating around. He was never my favourite part of the band, but I certainly hope it’s nothing too serious.
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