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  1. They definitely left it all on the stage last night, despite a crowd that was a little slow to warm up. As I said, people were fully fired up by the end of what was a somewhat short set. The new songs came off really well but they played a good dose of the first two albums as well. (Really digging the new album, by the way). And I agree that Place St-H. was a quality tune to end the night on, which is why I called for it during the break
  2. It's rare to see a band legitimately get called back for an encore. It's one thing to put your instruments down and step aside for fifteen seconds, but quite another to actually be finished and get called back. The Steelworkers ripped Logan's Pub a new one last night. They played their last song, explained that there wasn't time for an encore and started packing their gear up - coiling up their cords and putting things in cases. The crowd would not leave them alone, though - stomping, clapping, chanting - and after some serious deliberation they came back for Place St. Henri. It was a great end to a blazing set of USWM, and it was awesome to see them get so much love out here. I freakin' love this band.
  3. I don't go out of my way to see DMB anymore, but to pull all three of these shows would make for a pretty memorable weekend. Too bad I'll still be out West at the end of May (Gorge'd). Here's another "source," and probably the closest thing to official confirmation at this point.
  4. Gotta wear that coat! Happy birthday.
  5. Wow. Sending good thoughts to her spirit, to her family and to you as well, Sean.
  6. Random fact I learned from Pop-Up Video: Marvin Gaye's version of the Star Spangled Banner was the first video aired on VH1.
  7. I was in the second they went on-sale, just like a bajillion other people. Bummer.
  8. Between the lady and I: Shoreline lawn Gorge SPAC (2 lawn and 2 pavilion) Everything we wanted, save for Red Rocks, so we're feeling pretty good. Now to figure out how to make it all work...
  9. Funny that there are two Nanaimo shows but nothing in Victoria. Looks like a trip up-Island might be in order.
  10. My requests: Darien? No. Red Rocks, Shoreline, Gorge and SPAC? Yes. Good luck, everyone.
  11. The campaign is still rolling: Link
  12. You can add me to that list. I've done my share of festivals, and as far as the comparable ones go, Rothbury was hands-down the best. If I was going again I would be a little concerned about an increase in numbers taking away from the vibe and adding a little more sketch to things, as Alpha Nerd talked about. That said, I think the resurgence of Phish and the draw of Bonnaroo will dominate a lot of people's summer concert plans, so numbers may not increase all that much.
  13. Despite my rather crippling jealousy, my fingers are crossed for the people who were able to jump on this while it lasted. I would obviously much prefer tickets that I didn't get go to Phans and not scalpers. I wonder, though - scalpers will have definitely heard about this, albeit mostly after the fact. I wonder if the scalpers - people who buy huge volumes of tickets from TB for a variety of events - will kick up much of a fuss about this. TB won't sell any fewer tickets by canceling these orders, but if it could hurt their Tickets Now clientele, they might be more inclined to cancel the orders. I sure as shit hope not, though. Good luck to everyone who scored some.
  14. Wow, that's wild. It will be really interesting to see how this plays out. Obviously TM has their legal asses covered if they want to revoke the tickets, but at the same time, what harm has been done here? None, as far as I'm concerned. It's not like Ticket Master has any credibility to lose with the average ticket buyer.
  15. Scary stuff, even more so given that she was apparently showing no signs of injury for a while after the accident. I've definitely noticed the same shift with skiing/boarding helmets is going on now that we saw with bike helmets starting around 15-20 years ago: Nobody wearing them > people wearing them and getting made fun of > increasingly common > not unusual > people not wearing them and getting made fun of. Helmets on ski slopes aren't yet as quite as ubiquitous as bike helmets are, but I would imagine we'll be there within five years.
  16. I think he was referring to the capacity of Alpine. Saying that if Alpine sells out, with its much higher capacity, then Darien probably will as well.
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