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  1. For some reason, maybe talking to Ken (KC) yesterday, during my workday today compelled me to revisit the live music archive and take a trip down memory lane. I stumbled on Fat Cats NYE 31/12/04 (
    (Bless, Esau!). Listened to the whole thing, so many memories. Somehow ended up on the original Lose Yer Shoes website (still being hosted by oocities.org), and flipped through hundreds of photos of LYS, Come together... thinking of Bradm... Kevin Rieth. Sad memories but also amazing memories. What a time to have been alive all things considered eh?? Glad this place is still kicking. Thanks for reading!



  2. I don't know how they can tell you how many hours are left on the cartridge but anyway, get yourself a stylus cleaner. It's just a little jar of liquid with a wee brush. I clean mine pretty much before every side I listen to if I'm listening to old records, not as much when listening to new records. This is a very important step, don't not do it. Don't be using no q-tips. That won't work :) They're prob only about 10 bucks a bottle and a bottle lasts a really long time. They should not be too hard to find. And you're going to want a little non static brush to clean dust off records as you are playing them. Also prob around 10 bucks give or take. These 2 little purchases will help you extend the stylus' life and make everything sound good. Remember, clean is good, dirty is crackles.


    A few years ago I went to Bay Bloor Radio for their free turntable clinic. They setup your table in front of you - check speed, tone arm alignment, cartridge position, etc... and they tie it all together with a sales pitch about what you need to buy for maximum listening pleasure. You get to see the stylus under a microscope before and after cleaning with a stylus brush - the difference is pretty cool. I left with the gospel of 3 magic items that really help the turntable's sound (providing the turntable keeps proper speed and is setup correctly).

    - stylus brush and anti-static record brush

    - anti-static turntable mat - the thick felt type to replace the stock mat

    - good quality cartridge (This is where they broke me... I went for the $100 Grado red series)

    I'm just about out of that stylus cleaner and am wondering if 99% isopropyl alcohol would do the trick? I can't remember but there may be a silicone component to the original cleaner.

  3. I don't think the two reviews are totally polar opposite. Different experiences due to new sound techniques, that's all. FYI, my frustration is definitely not rooted in the song selection or their performance. I totally respect their choice of setlist and I agree it is refreshing to hear forgotten non-radio numbers. The sound was so washy that I found myself really concentrating on the notes of the familiar songs just to follow along. If I could barely follow the songs I did know, how could I get into the ones I didn't?

    Kev, I did not move around, however at the ACC is that even possible? Ushers execute their jobs with military precision, especially the closer up you get. The most unfriendly venue I know (not to mention the $5 water at the concessions...). I didn't really feel right trying to move since I didn't want to abandon or drag my host around (who had an incredible time).

    This was such a surprising night because the boys in Rush have never compromised on their live shows, they're always killer, they always deliver. How do you have a rock concert with no amps? It makes sense that the sound would have been about equal all along the front few rows given the position of the PA. I think I would have had a better time in front of Alex because he actually cut through and he's a damn wizard to watch hit all those notes.

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