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  1. I need to rant about this show. I hope you guys had a good time and enjoyed the night, I'm not slagging rush (maybe a little) and I don't want to be a wet blanket especially since I got a free ticket - who am I to complain? Hey, the beauty of the internet. Lets just blame the ACC as usual. First of all, I'm no big rush fan...I enjoy some selections from each album made until the early 80's when the dreaded synths and headless bass started to spew out dribble that I can't manage to understand...but I digress. I should note that I wasn't there in the 80's, I only got into rush in highschool, late 90's. Last night a sin was possibly committed as a $350 6th row seat smack in front of geddy was wasted on a non-believer like me (a very generous offer from an old friend) and did you see the setlist? If you read the last paragraph you'd guess that I had no idea what was happening for the better part of the show. With exception to the opener, Subdivisions (meh), I didn't recognize a single song until the 23rd number. Aside from those that I did recognize (both really like or really dislike), I was given no real chance to try and understand the unfamiliar material - including the new album - because the sound where I was sitting (and probably the entire front floor section) was absolute BULL HISHT. Rush has decided to forgo their stage amplifiers and hand over their music to the soundman's wet dream of being in complete sound control. No more difficult mixing situations with trying to balance the pit v.s. nose-bleeds, contending with a loud stage volume...(which probably does makes his life easier). Maybe the sound was OK in other parts of the arena, but being near the stage (and the PA was flown really far forward of the stage - not sure if this is always the case or just a limitation of the ACC) you couldn't hear shit. If there were subwoofers being used, we couldn't hear them. It wasn't a rock concert at all up front - to put it in perspective, it was all mids and highs (muddy, at that) and zero bass. 6th row in front of the bass player should be a damn rock concert with chest pumping bass, I should be able to feel the show. Even though I was only out $50 for my transportation for the night and not the actual ticket cost, I must say the concert was incredibly disappointing. Even some of my favorite songs (the end of the night) were impossible to enjoy. Neil was the only one who actually had sound being projected off the stage, with real drums and all. Although he did lose points for playing some of his solos (he had 3) on his roland V-drums...WHY? Not to mention the string section and copious backing tracks the band plays along with to make those 80's dreams come to life (at least not for me). Rush plays "analogue kid" but there is nothing analogue about it. OK i'm done now. I may have gone off-track into gear-nerd territory but the point remains. The good seats may not always live up to the cost (even if you get them for free). Not sure if the band or venue dropped the ball, i'm going with both. How did it sound from your vantage points?
  2. Were do they put the seats? they used to have comfy theater seating
  3. Thanks to the Good Rev for getting me to my first Hamilton show ever in 2003. NYE at Pepper Jack Cafe with DD support. Thanks boys!
  4. It's nice to hear these guys again! Unfortunately I missed the casbah show Very different setlists judging from those 3 shows you've posted. How were the turnouts?
  5. What a weird festival...no interest in going up to ancaster for this, wish it was still in gage park. I half considered going to catch Spin Doctors hah
  6. http://www.demonbaby.com/blog/2007/10/when-pigs-fly-death-of-oink-birth-of.html This was a good one from 2007
  7. As long as Can Tire doesn't assemble them!! James, did you ever get any books down to Downtown Bike Hounds in Hamilton (Larry llama/sean)? I'll be in ptbo with Dan on July 28 if you want me to play courier.
  8. The first 5 mins of the series is so good, the intro is scary as shit and done very well. The ending of season 2 officially just killed this show for me, the wws looked like extras from Pirates of the Caribbean, GAH!!!
  9. Thanks for making it out, Brad! Sarah did sit in on one or two songs in Julie's Hamilton set.
  10. this week! Hope to see some ottawa friends at mavericks
  11. nice clip from yesterday. total perma-smile show, such a sweet band
  12. Kev, Sorry you gotta bear this sad experience. Nice read Adam
  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. nero. drool.
  14. Did you guys check out last week's shows in Toronto? I didn't commit to going until a week before the show as I was opposed to paying $90/$100 for tickets...cheap seats came up, really nice balcony pair actually, so I did go on sat night. I didn't see the last tour (trick) but noticed the keyboard player and drummer were new, and while they carried the show well I didn't think they did the show justice as their predecessors had previously done. It was still awesome to see this show, and yes, I still get way bored towards the last 15 min. Musical box & watcher were flawless.
  15. Anyone else having grief with 1972-05-16? I can't seem to download/unpack it properly - just shows up like a corrupt file.
  16. I missed it last year but heard only great things. shameless plug/secret invitation to a supercrawl pre-party: The night before, come see the Terra Lightfoot (& no name band) CD/vinyl/itunes release at this ain't hollywood, friday sept 9. Cam Malcolm (, Dave Dunham (D), Pete Hall (G) and I (K) will be backing. Enjoyment for all!
  17. Saw lee fields in hamilton, show of the year.
  18. I know. I can't explain it either...I love the first half of the album as much as the older material, I don't know why...but can't wrap my head around the 2nd half. I'm trying man, i'm still gonna go to this show, probably both of them if the tix aren't super expensive.
  19. The band definitely suffered some line up changes that soured the experience...and putting that dumb wig on the keyboard player was a step in the wrong direction for me...BUT, the sound is the same as ever - that is, amazingly recreated with stupefying accuracy, and as long as the gabriel guy is in tow these guys will always be king. I've never been to the Bell center (but I guess its the same as any big arena) though I did see a Foxtrot show at the Spectrum and agree whole heartily that a smaller intimate venue is totally necessary for experiencing this crazy show. Kev, I'm shooting for row M-O, iirc seats 13-28 will put you in the center isle - my fav location in the house. And i'm totally down with the Lamb, a very rare treat to see it performed as TMB does it. But I don't like or get much out of the album once the Waiting Room is over - it gets drawn out and a bit boring, thats why I like the other show so much more.
  20. The Musical Box return to the Danforth Theater (Music Hall no longer?) Dec 2 and 3 for two shows of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. This according to their website. No news on tix sales. The danforth music hall was closed by the city for not paying rent, apparently they've found new tenants? This is good news because Massey Hall sucks sometimes. Especially for this band which does way way better in smaller & intimate soft-seat venues. My 2 cents? This will be good but doesn't touch the epic show that is Selling England. Carry on...
  21. Thanks Kev! How would one procure the bonus disc?
  22. Here's some ideas for that one... MAGNETIC MONOPOLE KAT. IN UR FLUX TUBEZ. KTHXBYE! or SEKSY TIEM POLE DANCR IZ LIL BIT SELF CONSHUS or just this, cocaine. so much cocaine.
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