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  1. Sorry if I missed it but does anyone have a link to get a refund for lottery acquired tickets? Can't seem to locate it.
  2. Anyone got a single for a friend of mine?
  3. For those of you who might be aware. I play keys in the Baudelaires and have been enjoying doing so for the last 4 years. We have a nice mix of soul, reggae, dub and ska. I often describe it as The English Beat meets Toots and The Maytalls. Give it a listen on via the links in my signature if you have a moment.
  4. Sorry for your loss guys. Sounds like Lance was a pretty entertaining and inspired guy.
  5. But what if you're afraid of the CIA being interested in you going to a concert? *Puts tinfoil helmet on*
  6. http://velvetropemagazine.com/tag/guelph/
  7. Face would be nice ... $65. Interested? PM me. Deeps
  8. They really really do. Nice verse Rev. When's your solo album gonna talk some sense into us?
  9. Yeah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rksh1pg18c&feature=share
  10. Looking forward to taking in a lot of the fest. Hoping for a (most of) Surly Young Bucks reunion during the Arkells set. Come on boys...how about an I Shall Be Released?
  11. I'll have you know I am 5'6 and 3/4s and if I do some yoga I scrape 5'7. "I was an hour ago" that's not very nice. Especially for someone who runs camps about being a spiritual player and meditating yourself into playing 32nd notes incessantly. Thought he was approachable....guess I am not to get between a man and his floral citrus.
  12. Thanks guys. The person I am looking on behalf of is only interested in a Saturday pass. I pointed him to the facebook page. Cheers
  13. Managed to catch the Barr Brothers who were absolutely inspiring. Also caught Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten. They were amazing and did a great job of staying out of eachother's way. Stanley Clarke had a moving solo section on the upright bass. Funny story: I saw Victor Wooten waiting in line to buy a mango carved in the shape of a flower. I approached cautiously : Me: Are you Victor Wooten? VW: I was an hour ago. Me: Ohh uhh well that was a great show. VW: nothing Me: I too am a bass player. VW: nothing Me: Well thank you for the music and welcome back to Montreal. VW: Ok Moral of the story : Victor Wooten is really short.
  14. Happy Birthday Aaron. Nice bangs.
  15. Looking for a Saturday and a weekend pass.
  16. I am going to the Montreal Jazz Fest for the weekend and I am flying a little blind. Wondered if any of you had any recommendations? http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/artists/artist-concert-soon.aspx
  17. Deeps

    yayyyyyy God

    Jah Pastafari! Austrian wears religious collander for license photo.
  18. Thanks a lot...bought and cheap :-)
  19. Wondering if anyone may know anybody trying to unload 2 tix. Ticketmaster says lawns are sold out. PM me if you have a line on any. Cheers.
  20. You might be able to just run the install again and choose to do a custom install. At that point maybe just choose to install microsoft word only.
  21. What do you think tickets are going to cost for this?
  22. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing it.
  23. This was great ...thanks for posting it. I enjoyed this part. "What happens in discourse is not precise, but what is important is the place that people come from." I went to the rally and remember welling up a bit during the moment that Jon Stewart used the "zipper merge" as an analogy for what is really happening in the world. Republicans giving way for Democrats and vice versa where the rubber literally meets the road. I thought it was beautiful, well put and very much needed to hear it. Despite my new found inspiration and will to be personally more moderate, I also remember on the ride home feeling a little dissappointed that I didn't hear more leftist-rhetoric as I am definitely left of center and personally one who can be opinionated. After watching this interview I think I realize that this was a natural, but to be avoided response to the syndrome that is this them and us news media portrayal of the world...the want to punch back was so strong that it still was in my thoughts despite the inspiration that I felt only ~12 hours before. Pretty strong and combative force at play indeed. Thankfully listening to this interview above completed what attending the rally started and will help me carry forward with less stress and dare I say it a little more clarity. Cheers.
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