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  1. Imagining what it would be like if the power went out definitely made me happy to be enjoying a sweet patio and other adventures with great friends for sure! I get pretty freaky claustro in packed rooms with highly possible'getting out' issues.
  2. After sweating balls in the line for about an hour we decided to fuck off and have great times elsewhere. Too bad we missed BNB but seemed pretty clear we woulda found it a sweaty, claustrophobic nightmare inside with no way out. I'm guessing things mighta been smoother had Phish not cancelled...maybe..(that said I had zero doubts the promoter had peoples safety at the bottom of the list of concerns)too bad we missed you Aaron!
  3. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve that Tower. I had to laugh at myself at how hard I cringed when reading the F-bomb attatched to her.
  4. I find it so weird all the bitching I've seen about this. Ya, ya..what a bunch of dicks for trying their hardest to pull off a show under crap conditions...they tried super hard to pull off a show under crap conditions..they couldn't do it...get over it. Appreciate the effort. Have some fun. Ya know what I mean jelly beans?
  5. Shoulda guessed it was all your fault! We still had such a nice and fun time in Toronto. Viva Toronto! Man I feel bad though for all those people still experiencing power outages in this heat..yikes.
  6. After being stuck on the 401 for over 3 hours with 2 kids last night....despite myself...I'm kinnnda getting excited to be heading back into TO tonight...like an ex scientologist approaching the mother ship? Gunna be a fun night no doubt!!! Honk! HonnnnnK!!!
  7. I don't suppose these ticket sales could have anything to do with Phish sucking balls by any remote chance?
  8. Dam...allready trying to figure out how to manage my hangover.
  9. Cool stuff. Yeah..'now' it is obvious..the two shorter ends of our garden don't have a dirt path edging them. Then to boot I put some big, nice looking rocks on those edges...big nice slug palaces I understand now and yes..these are the areas getting slugged. Good news is this all seems fixable! :content: Here is a link with 2 recipes for 'piss off aphids spray' I found... http://organicgardening.about.com/od/pestcontrol/a/spraysforaphids.htm
  10. Funny..Del has been popping into my brain here and there latey. Hope he is doing well. I see this copper tape at Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Corry-s-15-ft-Slug-and-Snail-Copper-Tape-715/100662157 Might just wrapp our entire gardens border with it. Why not? I wonder if it keeps out the good bugs though..hmmm...I'll google it later...
  11. I missed the ducks tip. Maybe one day...duck eggs are pretty good.
  12. Great tips! Thanks. My father in law brought over a bag of apparrently,eco-animal friendly Slug B Gone. It's selling point I'm told is the ferric phosphate. Fingers crossed and I'm going to go rummaging through the basement for copper...neat tip science man!
  13. Wow...a work in progress for sure! Still missing some herbs, flowers, trellises and the fence is half way done but all in all...this gardening shit is the shiznitballz!!! Something..we think is slugs are eating our beans...word on the street is that we should put out cups of beer overnight...anyone else heard of this? I'd hate to waste good beer!
  14. Here's another take.. http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2013/04/15/u-s-folding-on-north-korea/
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