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  1. ^^^that bird is smokin!!^^^ yeah Im a Chelsea supporter...After yesterdays Europa League game ive joined the Rafa out supporters and Benayoun and Mikel should be put back in the reserves. Also FTR its about time Man U got some of their own medicine. They get the same calls in their favour week in and week out in the Prem. so I guess that evens it all out for them.
  2. Mind blown....thanks Ottawa, for a real good time!!! It was nice to see the people we did see and sorry to those we missed...I feel like I just stepped back into reality from a trip to 1970, the only thing missing from that show for me was PigPen. Direwolf and New Speedway Boogie were highlights for me. First time at bluesfest and I/we will be back for sure!
  3. coming in tommorow afternoon....if anyone comes by any tickets on the cheap could you please help a brother out and grab them for me?
  4. who's in for watching the game on wednesday over pints since Im going to be in Ottawa...should be fun and a good way to get primed for the Boys. Im thinking somewhere in the market is best for me since I dont know what time we are getting into town and its the only place i know how to get to or around in ottawa
  5. I hope Oshawa is in the top 10....oops I mean I hope Oshawa was removed from the test question and forgoten forever.
  6. its all about balance DB.
  7. M.O.B.E


    I think you got crossed up...I was talking about the vacuum sealer when I was mentioning spreads, pickles and salsas'. Instead of jars I use vacpac bags.
  8. sorry guys but I left for work...I'll deal with this in the morning.
  9. sorry I thought you were the Moncton Tidal Bores
  10. Im not Bush League enough to accept that deal either. Getzlaf is a potential top 5 scorer this year.
  11. I dont have much to offer but Im up for a trade...need to get out of the basement. Im willing to part with Getzlaf or Rich Peverly. Looking for D or a decent winger.
  12. M.O.B.E

    ice cream idea

    Before I moved to Canada we used to get ice cream from the van that toured the neighbourhood. I used to get what is called a 'Pokey Hat'. Still my favourite to this day.... 1-2 scoops of vanilla icecream in a cone. dip into grenadine stick one Cadbury's Flakie into the ice cream for Garnish. mmmm
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