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  1. I honestly don't know what to expect but I am super excited to go... got 6th row ORCH. tix... (never been that close to trey in my life lol!) ..nice to see some ottawa folks coming out! I moved away again and i am missing Ottawa so much!
  2. The Yonder Mountain String Band cover of "Suspicious Minds"
  3. StellaBlue

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    Absolutely! I got your digits! I might be in town sooner than I originally thought! Say 'Hi' to the guys from me!
  4. StellaBlue

    Song ID

    Rob you didn't know the title of a song? You are like a walking music encyclopedia! OMG I think hell has frozen over! ... I am scared!... LOL! So how's O-Town? I miss it so! I've got to go up there for a court date sometime soon. We should get together and do some piano/vocal jamming... for old times sake! I miss you guys!
  5. Hey All, Back in Waterloo again! I am looking to hire someone who can help me record a demo tape. I have no recording equipment nor do I have any experience in recording. If anyone is interested in helping me out, PM me or just reply to this post.
  6. Just wanted to share an amazing musical experience with you guys: Ok I'll admit that when I arrived and saw that Xavier Rudd was playing in a lecture hall on UofGuelph campus I was dissapointed. So I made my way down to the front and sat cross-legged on the floor like I usually do in school or in church, only to have this random dude completely FREAK OUT on me... Buzz Kill #2. So Afro Poppa grabs me and suggests we dance in the aisles. "Indeed", I say and as the first low rumble of didjeridu music fills the lecture hall. The music starts to move us and we end up forgetting anyone else is even there. We dance and share in the groove... I've thought about it and the only way I can describle the feeling of seeing Xavier live is like sharing a secret with a good friend. I've seen him at much larger venues before but even then he creates such an intimacy with his music that it feels as though a good friend is leaning over and whispering an amazing secret into your ear. Nothing else really exists around you anymore just you, your good friend and the amazing secret. Twenty minutes into the show people were still in their seats :crazy: ! However, by the end everyone had made it to the front of the place and it was as though we were all sharing the secret, sharing in the moment together. The best moment: When I found myself with both my arms wrapped around the shoulders of the strangers next to me swaying to "No Woman No Cry", ( I think I did though... well just a tear or two)
  7. Nice Guys!! Congratulations !! I'll see you when you play Guelph!
  8. Sorry Kids! The ticket has been Yoinked!! Cheers and thanks!
  9. Hey I have one extra Xavier ticket for May 18 in Guelph, due to a buddy that bailed. Anyone interested please PM me!
  10. I'm gonna see if I can get him to to harmonies for my band. haha
  11. I just had to post this: :crazy: I am sitting here... taking it easy on a Friday... listening to some music.... and although i may not be entirely [color:green]sober at the moment ... I swear that My dog just started howling along with the vocal jam at the end of YEM from PHISH A Live One
  12. YearsAlongtheSea, With all much do respect to the awesomeness of transformers, Thundercats is the best thing to ever come outta the 80's check out some of these avatars: Thundercats Symbol The Supremely Awesome Sword of Omens Thundercats Full Logo The Super Awesome Logo! Hmmm... now I want to change my avatar...
  13. Thanks for all the tips! I am going to try and make sense of all this on 2 days no sleep because I have become obsessed with figuring it out. I am running a regular PC, not a Mac and I have a USB plug in for my keyboard if that helps... boy I know absolutely NOTHING about this! :thumbup:
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