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  1. Great venue, saw many a good show there while living in Reston VA, working illegally for AOL. Prior to these dates though, Ziggy Marley, ratdog, NMAS, aimee Mann. Good times.
  2. Prices are way, way down. Decent seats in 200's for under $50 on StubHub.
  3. I'm sorry if I offended anyone in this day of the woke individual. I'm simply curious to know what other people think about the preponderance of cover bands and what it says about the choices music audiences are making, not necessarily the performers themselves (though the two are obviously related). Are the musicians I'm apparently cutting up following the lead of the audiences who want to see/hear cover music? Or are they making the choice ahead of demand, believing the audience prefers it?
  4. I wonder if the world of live performed music will get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule. Is this a reflection of what the audience wants? Imitation because of its familiarity? And if it's not even close to the quality of the original, why bother with poor imitation? Is it just familiarity, accessibility and nostalgia rolled into a sub-par copy? Or is the demand for the original music so great it creates copies simply to satisfy it? In that vein, I'm working on a new (old) music festival called Really Dead Fest featuring nothing but Grateful Dead cover bands. Cant see how that wouldn't be a success. Also, its probably already been done.
  5. Super pricey tickets (unless you're ok sitting behind the stage) Would still love to go, but damn this shit is getting stupidly out of range for non-wealthy music fans.
  6. I cannot believe this incredibly sad news. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/
  7. My guess is the lawns for these shows will be packed and remainder will be half full at best.
  8. Looking at prices for these shows and I gotta say, that's fucking ridiculous, but maybe unsurprising. Will be funny to see how cheap they go when demand doesn't justify current prices. Front section (not necessarily front row) for few shows i looked at was $500-750 a piece. Good luck with that.
  9. Is this wink emoji to suggest you have info on the players for this? (Yourself?) The book is amazing, btw. Though Gorman glosses over 2005-2013, which is strange considering the detail he goes into for the years leading up to it.
  10. I admit to being very wrong about this. Be interesting to see who they get to play in the rest of the band. And how much tickets will cost. The book is awesome for fans of the crows. Gorman doesn't hold back at all. Some amazing stories about the band.
  11. Only happens if everyone in the band plays for flat rate, except chris who gets 98% of $ from shows, merch and any future albums. Despite what Gorman says, I dont see it happening. Rather the continuing saga of competing shitty crows cover bands featuring various ex members. Cant wait for his book though, who-boy time to air the dirty laundry!
  12. I live an hour away but cant do this year. Have fun folks!
  13. SRV said he was the future of guitar playing because he utilized 5 fingers. All this reminiscing is making me kinda sad about Jeff being gone but I love hearing everyone's stories and fond musical memories.
  14. I had the incredible good fortune to see Jeff sit in at Grossmans Wednesday night jam's many times and he is without question the best blues guitarist I've ever seen. Watching him and other Toronto guitar great Philip Sayce jam was a master class in guitar. Absolutely unbelievable tone and emotion in his playing. Also lucky enough to see his jazz wizards at Healy's and they too were amazing. I was really saddened when he passed but so grateful I had the chance to see him live many times in small clubs like grossmans and his. Thanks for recommendation Jay, will def be picking up that book.
  15. Good job on playing original music and not being a dead cover band. Also, good job on playing this long, seems like you guys have been around forever.
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