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  1. I live an hour away but cant do this year. Have fun folks!
  2. SRV said he was the future of guitar playing because he utilized 5 fingers. All this reminiscing is making me kinda sad about Jeff being gone but I love hearing everyone's stories and fond musical memories.
  3. I had the incredible good fortune to see Jeff sit in at Grossmans Wednesday night jam's many times and he is without question the best blues guitarist I've ever seen. Watching him and other Toronto guitar great Philip Sayce jam was a master class in guitar. Absolutely unbelievable tone and emotion in his playing. Also lucky enough to see his jazz wizards at Healy's and they too were amazing. I was really saddened when he passed but so grateful I had the chance to see him live many times in small clubs like grossmans and his. Thanks for recommendation Jay, will def be picking up that book.
  4. Good job on playing original music and not being a dead cover band. Also, good job on playing this long, seems like you guys have been around forever.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/may/22/how-to-change-mind-new-science-psychedelics-michael-pollan-review This book is really awesome and gives insight and history into medical and therapeutic uses of psychedelics. Really fascinating and very validating if you have experience using them.
  6. Damn, some serious sad news. RIP
  7. Am I the only RA fan who feels the quality of his work as been steadily declining through the last few records? Some good tracks here and there but overall just not that strong imo. Sort of looking forward to this years 3 releases but I thought doylestown girl was weak...
  8. I showed the video for "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk" to some female friends and to say they weren't fans would be a bit of an understatement. It's always a cliche to say times have changed but in terms of that video, wow, times have changed. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7iYpboTjtoQ
  9. Wow, TTB tribute. There's a good idea. Definitely need more cover bands. Why not assemble an 11 piece band that plays their own music, rather than put so much effort into attempting to recreate really really good music played by really really good musicians? You got a guy that can play Derek or thinks he can? This I gotta hear.
  10. The ledges is an interesting place. No real rules other than no bottles and stay on your damn campsite area. Also, if you prefer to sleep at night while camping, ledges isn't for you. Amateur dj's don't believe campers merit sleep.
  11. What an incredibly bad idea. Also, no dead cover bands? Isn't every other cover band in the world now required to be a dead cover band? If not, we sure could use a few hundred more. Also it says that the bands are "nearly as good as the original." Wow, that is a bold claim. Can I get my money back if they aren't?
  12. Seeing the hip at the horseshoe in last week of 1999 as a warm up gig for the acc show NYE. Then getting to go to NYE show later that week. Almost bumping into Gord on Broadview ave in Toronto as he was putting his kids in the car and he stared at a giant bandage I had on my nose from a hockey injury. I think he was startled by my appearance as I was by him being Gord Downie. I'm very sad to be in America right now as no one but my wife has any idea who Gord was and what has happened. Thank you Gord for the music. Rip.
  13. No whoever you met was not me. We camped and I probably would have preferred to stay at a hotel. As my younger friend said rightly of camping at festivals "those days are long behind me". Next peach fest (if there is a next one for me) I will undoubtedly opt for a hotel.
  14. Here's my shorter review. Kimock was awesome, great to see Andy Hess playing again. Magpie Salute was easily the best black crowes cover band I have ever seen (I have never seen a black crowes cover band). I'm going to disagree with edger on this one and say they were 100% going for the classic crowes sound and did an amazing job of recreating it. Hearing Marc Ford and rich together again was awesome. If Eddie could have been there would have been perfect. Lead singer does an admirable Chris imitation. But nothing beats the original. Greensky bluegrass were cool. I found cabinet painfully boring whereas bluesky are actually interesting to listen to. My Morning Jacket rocked. Great set. Lettuce were awesome and play like motherfuckers. Really cool to see Chaka Khan. Pink talking fish seemed kinda shitty by comparison. Why the fuck do people wanna hear so much cover music? We needed 2 different dead cover bands for this fest. The tribute to Gregg and butch was good but I agree with edger that les brer were better. Just tighter group better sound. Marcus king was good and that 22 year old can shred like a motherfucker but that is it. Shred shred shred sing like Warren Haynes a bit and shred some more. Def got skills but after 20 minutes I was bored. Try playing a slow guitar solo. Kimock said more in 5 minutes of playing than that kid did in 1.5 hours. Again, he's got crazy skills but no soul. Course at 22 who the fuck has soul? Widespread were great and umphreys late night was awesome. Forgot how good they are when they play like they got something to prove. I also enjoyed the record company. Fun blues rock 3 piece. Good energy. Seeing joe bonamassa was interesting. Not as much of a shredder as you might expect and has solid tone. But his attempt to move blues somewhere more interesting usually ends up sounding kinda cheesy but I give him credit for having an engaging and varied set. All in all its a very relaxed fun atmosphere. Everyone from staff and security, to fans, were very chill and had a respectful and easy going vibe. That rain sucked and camping on the side of the mountain was a bit of a pain. But we had a fun time and i would certainly recommend it as a good festival destination. And where was this massage place? If i had known that was around would have def taken part. Just like to add the week before peach fest I caught Jimmy herring and the invisible whip. Holy shit balls was that an incredible night of music. With Jeff sipe, Matt slocum, and Jason crosby those guys played at a level I'm not sure I've seen in a long long time. Just face melting jams and fantastic songs. Musicianship does not get better than this. I highly recommend checking them out.
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