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  1. hahahah!! I am old too, definately doesn't sound like music to me either...Colour me Badd haha
  2. Sarahbelle


    mmmm I like the great lakes Brewry Pumpkin Beer! ooooh gotta get me some!!! Blanche de Chambly is my favourite
  3. I AM IINNN!!!!! cannot wait!! :D
  4. Sarahbelle


    bey I will sign ur petition!! we've got a shit load of abandoned buildings.... there's a huge n long drawn out story of the lister block here.. it sat rotting and abandoned for probably like 40 yrs, they've finally fixed it up and it looks amazing!! I saw the inside has lights on!! yes I was pretty excited Hoep that your effort helps lady!
  5. happy birthday beautiful friend!! xoxox
  6. I like that you HAVE the boogie bug... I think it's infectious!!!
  7. yahh woooo! Everyone should also come see Must stash hat the night before!
  8. .... she's at least talented, whether you like her or not! Not really a huge fan of her music but it can be fun in the right moment
  9. should be a great night!! How come there's no event on the fb? It's still going on right?
  10. I'm lookin forward to this... I remember seeing the fatties on my 19th B day... Been hooked ever since. I'm amazed that they're sounding better than ever these days!!! I'm pretty sure I have some kitty attire... I may sport it for beer heheee
  11. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soo so so sosososssooooooooooo extremely nasty!!!!! KFC sucks as is it...
  12. fluffhead your avatar is amazing!! I'm getting more n more excited! waahooo! What a great month of music for hamilton
  13. Hey everyone, We're having a garage sale at my Mom n Dad's place. IT's 77 Mountain Ave, Hamilton ON from 8am-12pm. There's also a sale across the street... double your garage sale ing needs hope to see a couple friendly faces
  14. I'm looking forward to this!! It is indeed gunna be a messy day though... Yaaay hammertown!
  15. What a great show, man I am in love with this band.... sooooo freakin good! I love their new-sih bass player, he's awesome!!!
  16. I like this!! I like this a lot.
  17. what the hell? very confused by that.. lol
  18. never mind I'm good!! see U all there!
  19. is anyone goin friday evening from hamilton? having last min. ride issues!!
  20. hmmm well I work for the Catholic board here in Hamilton.... I am not religious/chirstian... just got hired there first. I do definatly think it's strange. Catholicism goes beyond just religion, it has expectations on how you are to live your life. It really doesn't offer any other perspectives on religions. It also teaches that sex before marraige is wrong and abortion is wrong... I think these expectations are really unrealistic.... I think I heard somewhere that pregnancy rates in catholic schools are a lot higher.... I do agree that there should be more faith based schools... I've also heard that the catholic board may eventually just disappear. In hamilton it's getting smaller and smaller and they are closing schools all over the place. I do think that religion does belong in public schools too... just as long as it's World religions and students have an opportunity to discover and quesiton and make their own opinions of everything and not have it shoved down their throats like they do in the catholic board...
  21. I was drinking the Kicking HOrse for awhile, I decided to get more local and buy coffee from the SKYDRAGON here in hamilton... They could use the support too!! The Red HIll Coffee company also has really awesome freshly roasted coffee! I usually grind the beans just before brewing in a french press yummmmy. I Like my coffee really sweet too, with cream. But I also love timmies... I am from the hammer after all. Starbucks is good too. I love how they brew it super strong!! I really do not like instant coffee.... yuck.
  22. wow looks amazing jay!!! I'm even more excited now!!!
  23. congrats marge!!!!!! Much love~~
  24. Elliot Mackenzie ( Mack for short!) Alex and by the way some of these names are AWESOME. Maybe you should just name him all of them....
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