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  1. ..stay thirsty my friends.... bwa haa haaaaaaaaaaaa LOVE it..
  2. YAAAAAY!!! Hope you have an awesome b day! HUGS!
  3. huxley.... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  4. lol I had no idea either!!! pepperjacks I miss yoooooooooooou
  5. COME TO TORONTO ALREADY WASSAABBIIIIIIII!!!!! lol jay I LOVE the new avatar!!
  6. I am going to go next year methinks!!! looks AMAZING!! have a blast everyone!
  7. yes I will see U at MMW marge..plan on comin out for this one
  8. Peta really weirds me out. I love how they talk about animal rights, but all their ads are almost porn and are borderline on the mistreatment of women.. why are there never any guys that appear naked in their adds??? I feel like 90 percent of what they do is just shock value..... *weird* They give me the creeps.
  9. if I go to the MMW show fooo shue I'm there maybe I will just go to Evenvelope 3 cause he's just that awesome
  10. happy b day John! it was great to see U last night, see U in a couple more!! love U!
  11. Sarahbelle

    5 Disc Rotation

    right now.. I have in my cd player... Tracy Bonham-The burdens of being upright..(remember this album?? I got it for a buck at a thrift store!!) Heartless Bastards-The Mountain The Evens- not sure (random buy at Dr. Disc) Woodhands-Heart Attack Lal- Orange
  12. the Punky Reggae Party on C 101 ! if U like reggae/hip hop/ etc check this show out.. it's quite fabulous.. Thursdays from 3-6
  13. would not miss it for the WHOLE world. gunna be a killer night, but a sad night.. I think I will probably cry too Marge!
  14. Happy B day baj!! Hope U guys come visit us soon!
  15. oh man.... sounds like fun..wish it was in toronto though!!!
  16. saw em in the hammer on thurs night!! they were great.. wish I could have stayed later
  17. Happy B day Marco!!! I hope you had the coolest day everrrr
  18. lol I echo the dimples statment!! COngratulations and You guys will be the coolest parents
  19. Great great time as always!!! soo much good music. MY musical highlights were: Gruve in the saloon, Mark Wilson and the way it is, Professor Louie and the Crowmatix(these guys were increadible!!) Tim Turvey and Diesil dog, Mr. Something Something and Envelope 3!!! Prom night was super fun too.... I am kinda sad it's over for another year but there's always labour day!
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