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  1. Marge I am soo curious now about your accessory surpreme!!! I have my outfit readddaaay!! woot lol this is goign to be spectacular! Fista.. you just turned the prom into a wedding.. lol MISS YOU!! i wish U were coming!! yeeah tomarrow!!
  2. yeah I am pretty sure it will work!!! my friend Dave used his a bunch...
  3. yay Jaydawg!! I hope U can make it up for sat. night... It looks like it could be kinda chilly!!! dress warmly!! I am hoping that it rains hardly at all, I have a feeling it will be a GREat sunny day!!!!!1 omg soo soo SOOOOOOOOOO excited!
  4. Happy B day Aaron!! hope U have fun tonight!
  5. happy b day!!! hope it;s a great one
  6. lol I thought of this thread today... cause someone pooped in the stall I went in.. and she was like.. SORRY it's not good in there... and she had a bit of an accent.. lol and I just said no worries cause honestly it's just a bit smelly... and it was smelly but... lol what are U goign to do??
  7. i just realized no Caution Jam.... oh well many other awesome bands to see!
  8. Ooooh I have been waiting for his!! sweeeeeeeeeet!!!
  9. yeah I hate it when it smells in the bathroom and the person thinks it was me!! eek. I find this funny and yet awkward... it's just poop really.. just do it!! lol. I rememebr one time being in a bathroom and there was someone in the stall, waiting until I left to poop. We all do it... sigh. I hate the fart in the bathroom..all around it can be bad news whether you are the farter or the smeller.. lol
  10. ooh getting soo excited!!! I really wanna find out who plays when!
  11. lol that's awesome I will try to pull something together!
  12. hope you guys don't get too big down in the states cause you might forget us Canadians!!! lol CONGRATS that's sweeeet!!! You all are rockin!!!
  13. There's a website called http://www.yogadirectorycanada.com/ i found the place I take my yoga there
  14. Sarahbelle


    oh yeah... come see a bunch of reggae at pepperjacks tonight!
  15. Sarahbelle


    Twenty four Twenty!!!!!! (although this is not true for me...) Puff puff passssssssss is...
  16. lol that's alright brodie, thanks for helping us figure it out and be able to see both bands!! I loved Marc and Mike's sets!! yeeeaaah good times, I had a super fun night
  17. woohooo I'm also looking forward to the reggae on the other side of the casbah too! hazzzaaa for great music!
  18. I agree, what a waste of everything... I have often thought the same that everything is overpackaged... All you want is that lip balm or bubble wand set..... I am also trying to be more aware of what kind of packaging the things I buy are in cause you will just end up throwing it away after it's used up. I'm glad a lot of things can be recycled...
  19. happy B day Laurie!!!!! Woohooo love ya!!!
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