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  1. ha ha.. I liked Evil Dead 2. It's bad.. but funny.. hahaha.. I laughed at it. I also so one kinda like this.. the Facluty.. It was one of those cheesy ass teeny-horror movies.. It was funny bad... Dood.. ready or not rocks the casbah... but not as hard as degrassi!! Cheers. Sarah
  2. see Amelie!!! this is such a good good movie. It's in french.. it's sooo soo good tho. I also watched this movie called Godess of 1967.. it's really odd.. but really good!! watch it all high.. hahaa.... Monsters Inc was super good too... And then of course lord of the rings and Harry Potter.. I have seen some really awesome movies over the last year.. woohoo !
  3. I know.. I didn't know Canada rocked sooo hard! wooohooo!
  4. Hi everyone! Is anyone else checkin out the Dave Matthews Band Concert on the 19th??? I know not everyone is a Dave Fan.. but I just wanted to know if anyone was goin! Cheers... Sarah
  5. Hoooraah for burt! on their website it says that they will be playin with a bunch of other bands. whoo knows...
  6. yaay. it was a good time sistas The first band was funky and good too Sarah
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